10 Leading Private Jet Manufacturers in the World

Depending on the tastes and preferences of the flyer, there are numerous private jet models designed to live up to the desired flying experience. That goes for both short-range and long-range trips, as well as minimalist trips and more luxury-focused ones.

The wide-ranging choice is made possible by the leading private jet manufacturers, and the innovations they continue to make in terms of performance, range, and comfort-based features.

Here’s a look at the top 10 private jet manufacturers and the aircraft each one is best known for.

1. Beechcraft (Textron)

Beechcraft and Cessna now fall under the same parent company, Textron Aviation.

Beechcraft is known for its turboprops, which mainly fall under the King Air series. Since establishing that lineup of private jets in 1997, the company has gone on to manufacture popular models such as the King Air 200 and 350.

The latest private jets from the manufacturer are King Air 360 and King Air 360ER models. These, like other Beechcraft turboprops before them, are widely recognized for their performance—they generally reach fast cruising speeds of up to 359mph.

Most models, able to carry up to 9 passengers, are conducive to those who enjoy flying in groups.

Private Jet: King Air 360

2. Cessna (Textron)

Similarly, Cessna specializes in turboprops, though its offerings extend to include very light to super-midsize jets. A Cessna midsize jet, the Citation, has been among the best selling jets for the past few years.

For its super midsize jet roster, the Cessna manufactures the Latitude and the Longitude, both with top speeds of 451mph.


3. Bombardier

Bombardier private jets typically focus on luxury and versatility, for both their super-midsize and ultra-long-range jets.

The manufacturer’s most recent models, the Global 6500 and 5500, won the AIN top-flight awards. They feature industry-leading performance at speeds of up to 594mph, with a range of 7,595 miles for long-range, cross-continental trips.

Besides its Global series of private jets, Bombardier also manufactures aircraft under the Challenger and Learjet series.

And Bombardier jets tend to focus heavily on amenities and luxury features that appeal to executives and those who need to conduct business while flying. A prominent example is the standup shower found in the latest Global models.

Private jet: Global 6500

4. Gulfstream

After its launch in 1968, Gulfstream focused on private jets. Its first creations were the G200 and G400 models, which became globally popular midsize jets.

In recent years, however, Gulfstream has become more widely known for its ultra-long-range models, especially the G500 and the G600—noted for introducing greater levels of efficiency and comfort to the manufacturer’s roster.

One of the signature features of Gulfstream private jets are the wide oval windows, which have been part of its aircraft since the manufacturer created the first ultra-long-range jet in the 1990s, the G5.

Private jet: Gulfstream G600

5. Honda

Honda first entered the private jet manufacturing industry in 2006, though its debut aircraft, the HA-420, was certified much later, in 2015.

The HondaJet Elite provided upgrades on the HA-420’s range, cabin facilities, and overall performance. With a passenger capacity of eight, the very light jet is powered by two engines, and each is mounted above its respective wing. This makes for a quiet, noiseless flight which has become among the most distinctive features of Honda jets.

Honda jet: HA-420

6. Pilatus

Pilatus is a Swiss manufacturer that entered the market with its P12 single-engine turboprop, known for its wide cabin which carries up to 12.

The P12 also gained popularity for being able to land on short runways, including those that are entirely unpaved. This made the turboprop an option for visiting remote locations that are inaccessible to other private jets.

Pilatus followed up with the PC-24, which inherits the rugged landing ability of the P12, but combines it with the range, speed, and performance of a jet engine.

Private jet: Pilatus PC-24

7. Dassault

The French manufacturer, Dassault, first entered the private jet market with the Mystere 20, later named the Falcon 20 to give it greater appeal to international customers.

Since then, Dassault has continued to manufacture ultra-long-range private jets that focus on luxury and convenience.

Its latest models, the Falcon 8X and 7X, are able to fly 12 hours without stopping, with a passenger capacity of 14. And the addition of flatbeds makes these models more conducive and comfortable for flyers traveling far.

Private jet: Falcon 8X

8. Embraer

Embraer is a Brazilian manufacturer that entered the private jet space in 2002, with the certification of the Legacy 600.

That model has been one of Embraer’s most successful long-range jets, and it’s followed by the Legacy 450 and 500, which fall into the midsize category.

The Praetor 500 and 600 were the first to bring transatlantic capabilities to the Embraer private jet lineup, while the Phenom 300 is the manufacturer’s first medium jet.

And Embraer’s diverse lineup also includes a very light jet, the Phenom 100.

On the other end of the scale, the manufacturer made the Lineage 1000—a long-range VIP airliner—which features more luxury additions, a larger cabin size, and more comfort upgrades.

Private jet: Legacy 600

9. Boeing

Though mostly known for commercial aircraft, Boeing—under its private jet division, Boeing Business Jets (BBJ)—is also an influential player in the private jet industry.

Boeing’s private jets are mainly versions of its commercial airliners that have been converted for private use.

The first model to come from BBJ was the Boeing 737, which used the expansive cabin space for luxury features, including fully-equipped entertainment centers, desks and workstations, spacious bedrooms, and lounge areas.

At present, the most popular model from BBJ is the 747-8i Intercontinental.

Models from Boeing Business Jets are mostly used by heads of state and the executives of large corporates.

Private jet: Boeing 747-8i

10. Airbus

Like Boeing, Airbus is best known for its commercial airliners. The manufacturer created a separate division for its private jets, called Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ).

Models from ACJ typically have extensive luxury features, including full-scale catering, heavily equipped entertainment facilities, flatbeds, and lounging areas.

Some of the most popular ACJ models include the 350XWB, the 319neo, and the 320neo.

ACJ ultra-long-range jets and VIP airliners are commonly used by heads of state and the executives of large corporates, and their passenger capacity ranges from 15 to 50.

Private jet: Airbus 320neo

The varied specialties of the world’s leading private jet manufacturers mean that flyers have a diverse range of choices, depending on the experience and type of journey they have in mind. Airacer professionally arranges convenient and comfortable journeys for clients with different requirements and needs. Use our cost estimator and request for a free quote for your next trip with the most tailored and cost-effective private flight!




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