Troubled Skies: 10 Things We All Hate About Flying

Everyone has a horrible air travel story and we can’t stop complaining about it. But when we say we hate flying, we actually mean we hate “flying commercial airlines”. If you’re a frequent flyer, you can even come up with your own list of pain points that make flying so undesirable. Here are the top 10 things people hate about commercial air travel –– and how private jet charter flights can help.

1. Delays

Flight delays are an inevitable and oftentimes unavoidable feature of commercial airlines (according to FlightRadar24, there are typically between 8,000 and 20,000 airplanes mid-flight in the air at any given time––that’s a lot of conflict). There’s nothing worse than sitting on the tarmac waiting to take off only to be told that you have to wait for a lagging flight to land first.

On the contrary, private jets are not subject to the same hold-ups and red tape as their massive airbus counterparts. When you charter a private jet, you can bypass many standards, including having to wait for connecting flights or late travelers to board before you can take off.

Man waiting for his flight.

2. Inconsiderate Passengers

If you are a nervous flyer, having to sit next to an inconsiderate stranger will only make your travel journey worse. There are too many factors to consider when it comes to flying alongside others: body odor, noise, arm-rest hogs, messy eaters, snorers, chatterboxes. The list goes on.

Naturally, a private jet charter flight means that you are not having to share space with strangers. Whether you are flying solo, or with select party members, your journey will be perfect––because it is on your terms. Also, if you wish to economize by sharing a private charter flight with a separate party, you can rest assured that, like you, your jet-mates also value luxury.

3. Annoying Children

It may seem confounding, but children––even babies––are almost always on every commercial flight. And as children are wont to do, they often cry, complain, kick seats, tantrum and scream for attention, or out of frustration given their cramped placement. Nothing frustrates travelers more than this major inconvenience.

Small children are infrequently found on charter flights. But when they are, they are members of your party. What's more, the comfort and space available onboard a private jet mean that the likelihood of outbursts is less.

4. Discomfort

Commercial flights are not for the faint of heart. If you are above-average height, or weight, or just someone who values personal space, maneuvering yourself into bafflingly small economy class seats can mean the difference between a great holiday and a terrible holiday (not to mention spending your entire trip worrying about how awful the same flight home will be). Lack of legroom, cramped quarters––these factors are inevitable because commercial airlines want to fit as many people as possible onto their planes to maximize profits, regardless of how uncomfortable it is for the passengers.

With private jet charter, comfort is one of the top priorities. With fewer travelers, legroom and headroom are never an issue, nor is cramped seating. Private jets offer spacious cabins with plush furnishings that maximize comfort and allow for an overall improved in-flight experience.

Cramped seating in commercial airlines.

5. Extra Luggage Fees

By charging baggage fees, and encouraging customers to avoid checked bags, commercial airlines require less staff (baggage handlers, check-in clerks), thus keeping their costs down––and your costs UP.

While many private jets have weight restrictions, there is rarely any need to skimp on luggage because of fees. Wherever you are going, private air travel comes with a break from typical commercial add-ons and charges.

6. Unclean Bathrooms

Imagine taking part in a 12-hour commercial flight with 200+ people sharing 2 bathrooms? It’s expected that the facilities will be unbearable to some point. Not everybody has the same respect for others as you do––this realization is the hallmark of commercial air travel.

Simply put, with fewer people onboard using the facilities, the more pristine the outcome. Not only private jets have more spacious bathrooms, they also remain immaculate from beginning to end of your travel.

7. Terrible Food (or no food at all)

Airline food has been the butt of every joke for decades. And nowadays, due to cost-cutting measures, you're lucky to even find yourself on the receiving end of a meal. You're not imagining things: food is becoming a rarity on commercial air travel. Even if the airline does serve you food, there's a high chance they won’t be tasty.

With fewer travelers to cook for, the food aboard private jets is imaginatively better and considerately prepared for every guest (not all jets can accommodate a kitchen or prep room––always check ahead to be sure).

Eating in commercial airline.

8. Reclining Seats

Speaking again to space, seats on commercial airlines are so compact and tight that when a passenger in front of you reclines his seat, very often his head can appear to land practically in your lap. It’s a horrible experience of air travel.

Private jet charter makes the most use of interior space, maximizing layouts to accommodate for comfort and style. Why? Because they are designed to eliminate the stress of air travel­­––not enhance it.

9. Long Lines

Wherever you are going, if you are flying commercial––you will wait. Airlines build it into the tickets, which is why people show up hours before their take-off. Long lines are inevitable, even when traveling business or first class.

Imagine flying with only the people you’ve invited. No line-ups, no narrow aisles of shufflers that stops whenever someone needs to access the overhead bins. Smooth sailing and no hold-ups: that’s the standard of private jet travel.

Waiting in a long line to get abroad.

10. Pet Travel

Having to send your pet off in a crate to sit in the dark of the cargo deck of a commercial airline for a 10+ hour flight can be a horrifying experience––for both animals and owners.

In contrast, traveling on a pet-friendly private jet grants you peace of mind and spares you and your best friend the trauma of separation.

Why Not Charter A Private Jet?

Once again, when we say we hate about flying, we actually mean commercial airlines since we really can expect to face several inconveniences. Don't let your commute become a burden. Arrive in style –– and on your terms!

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