4 Additional Services to Enhance Your Private Jet Charter Trip

When booking a private jet charter for your upcoming trip, there are additional services available to you to enhance the quality of your flight and the trip at large.

On top of the convenience, luxury and comfort of flying private, these add-on services enable you to more fully customize your trip so you get an experience that closely matches your desires and expectations.

As you’ll see below, some of them relieve you of tedious planning you may have been planning to do yourself, leaving you free to place your attention on the more crucial and enjoyable aspects of your trip.

Below are some of the most common additional services that go together with your private charter flight.

VIP Ground Transportation

You can request a VIP transportation that takes you to and from the airport before and after your flight.

There’s a wide range of cars for you to select when you opt for this highly experience-enriching add-on, including business class vehicles, limousines, sports cars and luxury family vehicles.

Your VIP vehicles can also park right in front of the private jet in some airports, which is extremely convenient for you to get on board.

You may provide specifics as to the particular make and model of the vehicle you wish to carry you, with a comprehensive list of available options that can cater to the exact ground transportation experience you’d like to have.

If you wish to have ground travel over the entire course of your stay at your destination, that can also be conveniently arranged.

Similarly, you can have VIP ground transportation booked in advance to coincide with the different places you’re aware you’ll be visiting, precisely timed to your schedule.

VIP Ground Transportation

Inflight Catering

There’s also the option to have on-board catering during the flight. Under this additional service, you can enjoy gourmet cuisine of the same quality as what you might expect at a highly rated restaurant.

Greatly adding to the experience of your flight, the meal is prepared by world-class chefs, ensuring that you land after a satisfying dining experience.

The meal comes with an assorted range of beverages that match your tastes, along with carefully considered suggestions from accomplished chefs to offer the best pairing with the food.

There are also sophisticated local cuisine menus, a collection of the best dining options available within the area if you’re visiting and would like to explore the food culture even during the course of your flight.

The menu is exhaustively customizable, able to accommodate any specific dishes you prefer, including exact details as to how you’d like them prepared.

The full and extensive list of catering options also extends to other individuals you may be traveling with, such as family, friends or business associates. The tastes of all flyers are taken into account for fully customized menus that match all passengers’ preferences.

Inflight Catering

Hotel Reservations

While booking your private jet charter, you may also request to have your hotel reservations taken care of.

The reservation takes into account your specific preferences for the kind of place you wish to stay in, down to the nature of the room and the facilities you wish to be offered at the premises.

If you also provide any relevant details as to the purpose of your visit and the activities you plan to take part in, the hotel booking can be made to ensure that you’re conveniently located to minimize travel to all the places you’ll be visiting.

This additional service can go further to plan other elements of your trip beyond just your reservation. You can also have tickets to certain events and activities booked on your behalf, as well as reservations made for any places where you’ll be eating in the area.

Hotel Reservations

Event Planning

Additionally, you can opt to have your events planned as part of your private jet charter package.

It could be for personal special events such as birthday parties and weddings. Based on the event theme and requirements, cabin decorations, catering and other aspects are taken very good care of. Similarly, it could also be an additional service for entertainment events, including fashion shows, award ceremonies and concerts.

Besides, the planning service can also be requested for business events like expos and product launches. This would involve finding an appropriate location that suits the occasion and booking it for you for the dates you’ve set down to hold the event. Special care is taken to ensure that the needed facilities are available, and that the size of the venue is sufficient to accommodate the attendees you plan to invite.

Event Planning - Birthday Party in Flight

Airacer has rich, wide-ranging experiences in providing private jet charter services to various types of clientele. Our experience extends to assisting them with different aspects of their travels through our vast additional services. Contact us today to arrange your next trip, along with any add-on services that can help you have a more satisfying journey and experience once at your destination. Request a quote now!



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