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7 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit on a Private Jet Charter

Feel free to enjoy your tropical getaway without being drained by the boring parts

7 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit on a Private Jet Charter

Picture your dream trip to an enchanting Caribbean island. It could be a long-awaited family vacation or a business retreat. Do you see yourself sipping your favorite drink, tanning on a secluded beach, or maybe snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing?

Regardless of what you’d like to do, there’s something none of us want to do. And that’s spending days trying to book a flight, only to realize that it isn’t available on the dates you’d like. Waiting in long queues, multiple security checks, and probably even traveling an extra few hours after you land. These are things you can avoid when you choose a private jet charter.

Chartering a private jet lets you sit back, relax and make memories as soon as you reach the airport. Here’s where and why you should fly private to make your dream trip to the Caribbean a reality.

7 Caribbean Islands to Visit on a Private Jet Charter

1. Puerto Rico

Visit Puerto Rico on Private Jet

Puerto Rico is home to quaint old towns, picturesque islands, villages, caves, and cliffs. You don’t have to be a history buff to marvel at the charming streets of Old San Juan. By night, you can watch the spellbinding “stars in the sea” at the bioluminescent bays. Apart from these stunning lagoons, you can surf, kayak, go whale-watching, and cave exploring.

The Luis Munoz Marin International Airport is the main gateway for international flights — commercial and private jet charters. But you don’t have to go through the hustle-bustle of the busiest airport on the island. Fly closer to your ideal destinations like Culebra and Vieques on a private jet charter.

2. The Bahamas

Visit The Bahamas on Private Jet

If you’re considering flying a private plane to the Caribbean, the islands of the world-famous Bahamas are a splendid choice. Take your trip up a notch from regular beaches to elegant pink sand beaches at North Eleuthra. And what’s better is, you can fly directly to the North Eleuthra Airport on a private jet charter.

You can also explore the great Abaco Islands, Blue Lagoon Island, Cable Beach, and MSC Marine Reserve. Almost every tourist destination in the Bahamas guarantees you gleaming turquoise waters and delightful adventures.

3. St. Maarten

Visit St. Maarten on Private Jet

Connected to France and the Netherlands, this vibrant island is a top destination for Caribbean charter flights. St.Maarten is popular for its pristine beaches, electric nightlife, and casinos. Being a relatively small island, booking commercial flights can be quite a challenge. Booking a luxury private jet can let you explore this Caribbean gem at your own pace.

You can go hiking or ziplining through dense tropical forests or go shopping in the wide range of local shops available. This way, you have the freedom to make your schedule as flexible and personalized as you like.

4. Dominican Republic

Visit Dominican Republic on Private Jet

The Dominican Republic is well-known for its luxury resorts, shimmering blue seas, and tranquil sights. Apart from the usual adventure sports, you can enjoy other activities like exhilarating safaris and golf tours.

Whether it's the Teleferico cable cars or the magnificent National Parks, there is something new to see every time you visit this beautiful country. And a private jet charter could take you directly to your desired location. After all, why worry about layovers when you could be frolicking under a huge waterfall?

5. British Virgin Islands

Visit British Virgin Islands on Private Jet

The British Virgin Islands (BVI) are famous for their glorious dive sites, sailing, and yachting. The largest island among the BVI is Tortola, which boasts dazzling beaches, museums, and gardens. You could spend days soaking in the grand bays and exciting activities these islands have to offer.

The Terrance B.Lettsome International Airport (once known as Beef Island Airport) is the main entry point for commercial and private flights in the BVI. But with a private jet charter, you can easily choose to land at smaller airports like the Auguste George Airport. Step off your private plane and onto the enchanting island of Anegada with its captivating coral reefs.

6. US Virgin Islands

Visit US Virgin Islands on Private Jet

Located to the south of the BVI are the US Virgin Islands (USVI). They are comprised of three main islands and 50 smaller islands, similar to the BVI. Popular things to do on the USVI include sailing, jet boating, whale watching, and a nice array of lunch and sunset cruises.

While the Cyril E King Airport at St.Thomas is the busiest one in the USVI, there are other airports like the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport at St.Croix that can accommodate private charter planes of all sizes.

7. Cuba

Visit Cuba on Private Jet

Of course, a list of Caribbean islands to charter a private jet for is incomplete without The Republic of Cuba. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean and is famous for its alluring beaches, caves, and caverns.

Cuba is a fascinating land that is enriched by diverse cultures, customs, and ethnicities. And you could have a thrilling travel experience by going off the beaten track to lesser-known places. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the culture and architecture of Cuba, a private jet charter is the way to go.

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