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7 Interesting Facts About Private Jet Charter

7 Interesting Facts About Private Jet Charter

Chartering a private jet is the ultimate in traveling with the luxury of flying in style. Every year millions of people fly on private jets. Charter flights offer the utmost level of comfort and convenience. They are widely used by travelers for business and pleasure. In this article, you'll find 7 interesting facts about private jet charter.

1. The First Private Jet Charter Flight Was in 1963

Private jets have been flying for over fifty years. One of the earliest companies to manufacture private jets - Bill Lear's iconic Lear Jet was out of Wichita, Kansas, on October 7, 1963. During the following year, the company released the first product model.

The Mystere 20, Dassault Falcon's first executive jet, took its first flight during the same year, from Bordeaux-Merignac Airport.

2. Half of the Private Jets are American Owned

As most millionaires on the planet are American, it should come as no shock that Americans own the most private jets globally. 49.7% of the private jet market consists of American citizens. Europe and Asia make up 32% combined, and the remaining 18% are South America, Africa, and the Middle East. Most of the private jet terminals are also located in the US. The most popular one is Teterboro Airport in New Jersey since it is close to New York City.

Teterboro Airport

3. Not Every Jet Flying in the Sky Has Passengers

Not all private jets flying in the sky have passengers. Sometimes, it is just the captain and the copilot. Referred to as an “empty leg,” private jets make their return trips empty. Unfortunately, 40% of all private jet flights are empty, wasting fuel and money on payroll hours.

4. The Most Expensive Private Jet Costs $500 million.

Half a billion dollars is a lot of money to drop on any stuff. However, that did not stop a Saudi prince from spending that much on a luxurious private jet. The Airbus A380 is not only the priciest private jet out there but also the biggest. Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud's massive private jet is little more than an actual palace that flies through the sky.

When you think of private jets, you're probably thinking of a small to average size aircraft that features some rows of seats and a cockpit. You're probably not picturing three separate floors with an elevator and a staircase, moving prayer rooms, concert halls, grand pianos, a prominent parking place, and stables. The Airbus A380 features it all, enough for nearly a thousand passengers.

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal al-Saud's private jet

5. Many Private Jet Owners Say They Will Buy Another

To the average person, a private jet seems more like a lifetime investment. While it may be unlikely that Prince al-Saud will be purchasing another $500 million private jet palace, thirty percent of private jet owners plan on purchasing another one within five years.

6. It is the fastest-growing segment of the aviation industry.

Private jet charter is a US billion-dollar industry. It is projected to grow by 10% per year. This service industry allows you to choose your aircraft and fly when you want to fly. As opposed to scheduled flight options which are provided by commercial airlines, private flights give you easy access to any destinations you want within short notice. It means that you can meet all your necessities in time by flying on a private jet charter. All these advantages can not be found in any other types of private transportation.

7. Celebrities Love Private Jets

It's no surprise that many celebrities own private jets. Quite a few of them also fly their jets rather than riding as a passenger.

Bill Gates has a $40 million private jet. This jet, the Bombardier BD-700 Global express, seats 19 people.

Bill Gates Private Jet

One of the richest women globally, Oprah Winfrey, purchased a $42 million Bombardier Global Express XRS entirely because of a bad experience at an airport in 1991. While waiting hours at the airport, a random woman approached her and demanded a hug. Understandably, this experience was enough to convince her to purchase a private jet.

You can even rent a private jet from Jim Carrey. He rents out his $59 million Gulfstream V for $8000 an hour. While this price may seem steep, the experience of not only flying a private jet but flying a celebrity's jet is worth every penny.

Other celebrities who have their own private jet include:

· Tiger Woods

· Angelina Jolie

· Celine Dion

· Donald Trump

· Harrison Ford

· John Travolta

· Jimmy Buffet

· Tom Cruise

· Marc Cuban

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