Best Ski Destinations to Visit in the USA by Private Jets

One of the most enjoyable activities that are made possible by snowy winters is skiing, and this year’s snowfall on some of the U.S.’ most popular peaks has brought with it the freshly-powdered mountains that skiers await.

As resorts reopen with Covid-cautious rules in place, travelers are also anxious to exercise care and safe precautions when visiting the country’s varied ski destinations.

With private jet charter, they can travel with caution while also enjoying greater convenience, with the ability to land much closer to the resorts, and easily visit a few within the same day if they so wish.

These are eight of the best that private flyers can visit in the safety and comfort of a private jet.

1. Alta/Snowbird, Utah

Alta and Snowbird receive some of the highest snowfall in the U.S., at up to 14m per year. Each slope has something to offer for those who are experienced with skiing, with ungroomed sections presenting a welcome challenge to skiers who are confident in their skills.

Similarly, there are prepared runs that appeal more to beginners who would like to learn their way around the powdered mountainside.

All in all, there are 119 runs that are serviced by six lifts.

For refreshments, the Summit complex at the top Hidden Peak offers both a self-service restaurant and coffee shop.

At various places on the resort, visitors can catch views of the Wasatch Mountains and Salt Lake City, adding a touch of scenery to the experience.

Alta/Snowbird, Utah

2. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jackson Hole has steep slopes, with some inclines reaching up to 50 degrees. This particularly suits experienced skiers, but there are numerous groomed green runs that are accessible to all skill levels.

There are 2,500 acres of inbound terrain, making Jackson Hole a spacious ski resort with more than ample space for visitors. The acreage divides into 133 named trails, with 50% being suitable for experts, 40% for intermediates and 10% for beginners.

The summit of the mountain is at a 3,185 meter-high altitude, making for both long inclines and enchanting views.

Going up the Bridger Gondola leads to the Rendezvous Cafeteria, where visitors can enjoy snacks and meals. And there are also slopeside hotels for those wishing to spend a few nights.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

3. Breckenridge, Colorado

Breckenridge is notable for its plentiful steeps and chutes that skilled skiers can take advantage of. A particularly famous one is Pioneer Crossing, which attracts thousands of visitors looking for a challenging incline.

At an altitude of 3,000 meters, the resort and surrounding town can take a fairly long time to access, even from Denver International Airport.

However, Eagle County Regional Airport, easily accessible by private jet, offers a much quicker and convenient way to get to the resort.

The skiable acreage is plentiful at 2,908 acres, with 1,400 acres groomed frequently, including High Alpine terrain. In total, this resort has 187 trails, with 12,998 ft elevation. That makes for varied skiing experiences all across the slope.

Breckenridge, Colorado

4. Aspen, Colorado

Featuring four separate ski areas, Aspen has a diverse range of ski areas that suit different experiences, from quick, straight-down skiing to more winding and meandering routes.

The four are Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands, Snowmass and the Aspen mountain.

Buttermilk is best for those still refining their skills, with unchallenging areas that are well-groomed.

The main Aspen mountain features cruising lines that provide intermediates with enough room to sharpen their skills while also ensuring they can generate a rush.

With 48-degree slopes, Aspen Highlands is the one experienced skiers tend to have the most fun with, and its 8m per year snowfall means nearly all its parts of skiable acreage are well powdered during the winter season.

Each mountain has its own dining and lodging areas so visitors are well catered for whichever area they choose.

Aspen, Colorado

5. Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky in Montana gets an average of 10m of snow each year, meaning there’s always enough snow cover during the winter season to make for a pleasant experience.

This particular resort is ideal for those who enjoy having maximum space to themselves as they explore the powdered mountainside, since it covers 5,800 acres — making it among the largest ski resorts in the country.

There’s an abundance of lifts — 38 altogether — to make sure that the entire area is covered.

This destination is known for its carefully gladed tree runs, which provide smooth trails for enhancing the skiing experience for beginners and experts alike.

Big Sky, Montana

6. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe hosts several nationally famous ski resorts. Squaw Valley, among the best known, has 3,600 acres of skiable terrain, with 170 trails spread across them.

At the top of High Camp, 8,200 feet in elevation, the resort offers a hot tub, a pool and cabana bar for visitors to enjoy in-between ski sessions.

Heavenly Mountain is a similarly popular resort in Lake Tahoe, and it has the greatest amount of skiable acreage in the city, at 4,800 acres.

There are 97 trails, overall, each offering varying levels of difficulty to accommodate skiers at different skill stages.

Other ski resorts visitors can find in Lake Tahoe include Alpha Meadows, Kirkwood, Sugar Bowl and Royal George.

Lake Tahoe, California

7. Okemo Mountain, Vermont

Okemo Mountain resort is known for its precise quality of grooming. The ski area is divided into 121 trails, divided into 21 grades to offer an extensive variety of challenges.

There are nine terrain parks altogether, meaning there’s often plentiful skiing rooms for visitors, especially with 98% of the entire terrain typically powdered.

One of the highlights of the resort is its adoption of RFID ticketing, allowing passengers to board lifts without manual checks that often take time, especially welcome for those impatient to reach the mountain.

Okemo Mountain, Vermont

8. Sugar Loaf, Maine

Sugar Loaf has three terrain parks in total, receiving annual snowfall of 200 feet, the second highest in the entire east coast. The resort has just 1,240 acres, but that’s made up for by 2,820 feet of continuous vertical incline, favored especially by experienced skiers who prefer a challenge.

There are 161 trails altogether, with beginner-friendly options among them and a dedicated ski nursery onsite to help new skiers learn. Many cater to intermediates and experts, though, and they’re carefully groomed accordingly.

Sugar Loaf, Maine

With the range of ski resorts in the USA and the unique mountains each has, planning a trip to one is among the best ways to take advantage of the season’s snowfall while staying active and having a memorable time. Contact Airacer for a private jet charter to get you to your chosen ski resort in convenience and luxury that adds to the experience. Use our charter flight cost estimator and request a quote now!

Best Ski Destinations to Visit in the USA by Private Jets