Choosing the Right Type of Aircraft for Your Charter Flight

If you’re thinking of taking a private charter flight, one of the questions you’re probably asking yourself is which type of aircraft you should go for.

That question is best answered by considering the kind of experience you want to have, plus other factors such as how far you intend to travel and the amount of luggage you’ll be bringing along with you.

You can also arrive at a conclusion by considering the different types of aircraft available to you and their qualities, allowing you to see the one that best matches your needs.

Here’s a helpful list based on aircraft size.

1. Very Light Jet

This type is also often referred to as a microjet, and it often has a capacity that ranges between four and seven passengers. It’s the lightest type of aircraft you can fly on, and many models are approved for single-pilot operation.

Its maximum takeoff weight is 10,000 pounds, which means you won’t get much room for luggage with this type of flight.

The max speed varies significantly between models. The Honda Jet Elite for example, reaches speeds of 485 mph. Others, meanwhile, such as the Cirrus Vision Jet 345, fly at respectable speeds of 345mph.

Very light jets can handle short runaways, making them ideal for travelers who are visiting places that are not accessible by commercial airlines, and that are not too far away.

Very Light Jet: Phenom 100EV

2. Light Jet

A light jet is able to carry up to eight passengers. The average flight distance for this type of aircraft falls between 1,400 and 2,500 miles, and it is best suited for flights between two and three hours. Those flights can also be intercontinental.

Its baggage capacity is reasonable, at between 41 and 74 feet, so flyers carrying a few belongings with them can comfortably find space.

Light jets are also great for having a wide range of destination options, since they can also land in many places that are inaccessible to commercial airlines.

Light Jet: Phenom 300E

3. Mid-size Jets

A mid-size jet is a great fit for your journey if you’re planning to travel somewhere that’s a bit far, since the range for this type of aircraft typically exceeds 2,000 miles. Likewise, this type is known for its transcontinental capacity.

If you plan to bring along a fairly small party, the passenger capacity that’s between five and ten will meet your space requirements.

Because of the larger size, mid-size jets offer you greater comfort if you plan to stand or move around since they have more headroom.

They also tend to use the extra space they have for stylish interiors and added amenities such as entertainment systems and refreshment compartments.

Popular mid-size jets include the Gulfstream G150 and the Cessna Citation Latitude.

Mid-size Jet: Citation CJ3

4. Super Midsize Jet

Super mid-size jets have wide-body cabin space, which makes them ideal for traveling with a fairly large amount of luggage on board.

They’re also suited to long-range flights, with the capability to fly up to 3500 miles in one stretch. In terms of time, their range often averages at 7 hours when they’re flying at around 500mph speeds.

Super midsize jets have advanced avionics that allow them to operate with little to no noise, making them a good fit for passengers who prize a serene flying experience.

They’re able to carry either 10 or 11 passengers, meaning they can be used by people flying with family or executives flying out to a destination as a group.

And because they’re able to use runaways as short as 1,300 meters, super midsize jets can serve a wide range of destinations, many of which are outside the ability of commercial airlines to service.

Super Mid-size Jet: Challenger 350

5. Heavy Jets

Heavy jets have even wider cabins, meaning there’s more space for packing luggage on board. For many, that can be golf bags, suitcases, and skis, for example. This type of aircraft carries slightly more than 10 passengers, so the additional space may be especially welcome if all are bringing belongings with them.

With a range that reaches nine hours, heavy long jets are highly suitable for long-distance flights. And that flight time covers a distance that averages 9,000 miles.

This type of aircraft also supports flyers to bring along two flight attendants, making it possible to have full catering.

Models tend to have Wi-Fi and phone service on board, which is helpful for executives who want to stay connected during their trip.

Common heavy jets models include the Bombardier Challenger 650 and the Dassault Falcon 900.

Heavy Jet: Challenger 650

6. Ultra Long Range Jet

Ultra long-range jets offer the most space and amenities of all the private jet categories. They have plentiful compartments and designated spaces for work, entertainment, dining and relaxing, including lie-flat beds.

They are suited to flyers looking to have a truly luxurious experience.

They are also designed for long haul flights, with ranges that tend to fall between 6,000 and 6,500 miles, with 12 to 19 passengers on board.

Some of the common models of ultra-long-range jets include the Gulfstream V and the Bombardier Global 6000.

An ultra long-range jet may also have a private stateroom for a flyer who wishes to conduct some work during their flight.

Ultra Long Range: Gulfstream G550

7. Airliners

The largest aircraft flyers can choose are airliners, which are essentially commercial models that have been repurposed for private flight. They tend to have private suites, full-service galleys and full-manned flight attendants to go with the other luxury furnishings on board.

Airliners: Boeing 767 300ER

8. Turboprops and Helicopters

Apart from jets, however, flyers have other types of aircraft that they can opt for.

Turboprops are also available, and they can accommodate up to nine passengers. The variety of models means they’re some built for short distances while others can be used for travels that cover longer ranges.

Some turboprop models, for instance, are able to cover distances as long as 1,726 miles, with top speeds of up to 310mph.

Turboprop: Beechcraft King Air

Similarly, a flyer may also decide to choose a helicopter for their trip. Helicopters provide quick short-range flight to locations that airplanes may not be able to access.

Some helicopter models, such as the Bell 206 and the Eurocopter EC120 Colibri, carry a maximum of 4 passengers. If there’s a larger group flying, however, the passengers can settle for models like the Bell 407 and Augusta Westland that are able to carry up to six.

In terms of range, helicopters are generally able to fly around 350 miles, which equates to between 2.5 and 5 hours of flight time depending on the speed.

Helicopter: Bell 407

Now that you have an idea of the aircraft that’s best for your trip, it’s time to make sure you find one easily and conveniently. Let Airacer take care of that and ensure a flight that meets high and exacting standards. Contact us now or request a free quote for your next trip!