What Types of Companies Use Private Jet Charter?

Business travelers have traditionally accounted for a large market share — about 70% — of the private jet charter industry. Now, with health concerns coming into play, more people and companies than ever are planning to fly private. In fact, about 87% of new or returning private jet fliers cite health concerns as their reason for doing so.

Additionally, 29% of new or returning fliers will be using the services for business travel. And 92% of business travelers report their companies are expanding access to private jet charter flights.

So which types of companies most commonly use private jet charter services? Let’s find out.

Government Agencies

When you’re hot on the trail of a criminal organization or trailing enemies of the state overseas, stopping to wait for a commercial airline is rarely a good option. Government agencies like the FBI and the CIA routinely use private jets to get their people where they need to be quickly and efficiently to carry out their duties and help keep the rest of the world safe.

Furthermore, many government officials like senators, members of Congress, the President’s cabinet, and others are allowed to charter flights on private jets for faster, more convenient air travel as needed to fulfill their responsibilities.

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Small Business

Contrary to what you might expect, according to the National Business Aviation Association, 59% of companies who charter private jets are small businesses. This is defined as having only 500 employees or fewer. Raise the number of employees to 1,000 or fewer and this accounts for 70% of all companies operating business aircraft.

These companies are the backbone of the American economy. Many are located in areas where access to a commercial airport may be difficult or the destination may be difficult to access. Flying employees and executives directly to the destination saves both time and money for the company, offsetting the cost of private jet charter.

Plus, most private jets are conveniently equipped with amenities like Wi-Fi and workspaces so employees can keep working en-route to their destination. This further cuts down on wasted time and is well worth the cost for these fast-paced companies.

Fortune 500 Companies

Of course, it’s less surprising that Fortune 500 companies would make the list of businesses who charter flights on private jets. However, what is surprising is that they account for flying only about 3% of the approximately 15,000 private jets registered in the U.S.

Of course, when you consider there are approximately 32.5 million businesses in the U.S., it makes sense that a mere 500 companies would only account for a small amount of business travel, no matter how big those 500 companies are.

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Luxury Travel Companies

People who have the money to spend on 5-Star hotels in exotic locations aren’t thrilled at the idea of flying commercial. Not to mention, some of the best luxury vacation locations are easier to reach in a private jet since the commercial airport will be farther away. Private charter flights can take travelers either directly to their destination or very close.

On top of that, private jet airports might be more on the outskirts of major metropolitan areas, meaning there will be less traffic for travelers to deal with to get to their final destination. Additionally, some fantastic destinations are located in more remote areas that are only accessible by private jets.

Thus, for a number of reasons outside of the usual convenience and time-saving factors, luxury travel companies will often book private jet charter for their clients.

Additionally, hospitality companies like posh resorts, cruise companies, and 5-star hotels themselves will often book private jet travel for their clients. It is also common for them to use private jets for their top employees and executives as needed as well.

Private Security Companies

What if your clients were high-profile celebrities, politicians, or affluent people seeking safety from potential thieves or those who would murder them for their money? Would you even consider putting them on a commercial airline?

Probably not — and neither do private security companies. When they are responsible for getting their clients from point A to point B safely and securely, they book a private jet to do it. They are not going to subject their posh clients to long lines in the airport or cram them into an airplane with hundreds of security threats. That’s not how they make the big bucks!

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Why Do Companies Choose Private Jet Charter?

It really isn’t surprising that many companies choose to fly private. Private jets offer unparalleled convenience compared to commercial airlines.

In what ways?

First, there are nearly 10 times as many private jet airports in the U.S. as there are commercial ones. About 5,000 compared to 500, respectively.

Second, flying private jets allows employees to skip long lines at the airport and hours wasted sitting around at the gate waiting to board their flights. And while first-class and business class both offer travelers a bit of space and conveniences like WiFi, the fact of the matter is that they are still crammed into an airplane with hundreds of potential distractions. Flying private jets gives employees the privacy and security they need to continue working on any project — no matter how sensitive — as well as an environment with far fewer distractions.

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