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The Convenience and Safety of Private Jet Charter Make It Worth the Price

The Convenience and Safety of Private Jet Charter Make It Worth the Price

When people think of traveling by private jet, they often focus on the luxury and cost that come with it. However, traveling by private jet is far more than just a luxury lifestyle. A great number of private flyers choose private jet charter because of its incomparable convenience and safety. Ultimately, this safety and convenience make private jet charter worth the price. Let’s explore some more details in this article.

Private Jet Charter is Safer

  • Compared to driving:

It’s no secret that, statistically speaking, flying is far safer than driving. This has been proven over and over. To recap, let’s look at the National Safety Council’s odds of dying table for 2008. This table illustrates the relative risks of flying and driving safety.

In terms of the table, the odds of dying in a motor vehicle accident are shown to be 1 in 98 for a person’s lifetime. In contrast, with air travel, including air taxis and private flights, the odds are 1 in 7178 for a lifetime. This is a massive difference.

  • Compared to commercial airlines:

The safety of flying goes far further than accidents, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where it’s becoming increasingly important for travelers to limit exposure to other people. Flying with private jets offers this kind of safety because you are booking the whole aircraft and you have total control over who you fly with.

In addition, private jets can access 10X more airports than commercial airlines. There are over 5000 airports in the United States that private jets can use while commercial airlines can only use 500 of them. Compared to those large international airports that airlines use, small regional airports are usually less crowded, reducing the risk of exposure to other passengers.

And because security screenings are very quick and efficient in smaller airports, there are no long lines or touching surfaces, or walking barefoot through scanners. You can board their flights as soon as you arrive at the airport. Some private airports even allow passengers to drive directly to the jet and board the plane. This again minimizes the risk of exposure to other passengers and contaminants.

For international flights, unlike commercial flights, where passengers exit the plane into large arrival halls, border agents typically board private flights to inspect your documents. This makes clearing customs a lot easier and reduces exposure.

Flying Private is Safer

Private Jet Charter Is More Convenient

Apart from being safer, private jet charter is also far more convenient compared to commercial flights. As mentioned above, because private jets can access 10X more airports, you’ll be able to land closer to your final destination. And do you know that you only need to arrive at the airports 15 mins before your private flight? Yes, 15 minutes are all you need! This, in turn, reduces your ground transportation time and total traveling time.

Another significant benefit adding to the convenience of flying with private jets is that they offer you the flexibility that commercial airlines simply can’t. In simple terms, private jet charter gives you the flexibility to travel on your personal schedule, and make it possible for you to have an aircraft ready in just a few hours, whereas with commercial airlines, you’ll have to follow a fixed schedule or wait for a flight to become available.

And because you’re not bound to the schedule of a commercial airline, you also don’t need to deal with stopovers. All the time you save by flying on a private jet, you can spend on more productive things, or just simply enjoy those quality time with your friends and family when on holiday.

Private Jet Charter Is More Convenient

Charter a Private Jet with Airacer

With the ultimate convenience and safety, private flyers believe chartering a private jet worth every cent. Airacer provides private jet charter to countless destinations around the world. Our professional flight crew are always ready to help you with the most tailored and cost-effective service to fit your travel needs. Request an instant quote today to get an estimate of your next charter flights!


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