How Does Private Jet Charter Actually Help You Save Time?

Private Jet Charter Helps You Save Time

When you fly, either international or domestic, you basically have two options. You can fly on a commercial flight, or you can charter a private jet.

The most common argument against private jets is often that they're too expensive. Sure, it does come at the price, especially when you compare it to the price of a plane ticket.

But there's something else you should consider. Flying with a private jet saves you a lot of time compared to a commercial airline. This means you'll spend less time on the ground, less time in the air, and you'll fly on your schedule.

And, as they say, time is money. So, for the business user who flies regularly, saving time when flying means more time to generate revenue.

But how does a private jet charter help you to save time? In this post, we'll look at this question in more detail and show you how you'll save time if you fly with a private charter.

Less Time on the Ground

With a private jet, you start saving time on the way to the airport. Because private jets don't need the huge runways and staff required by commercial airlines and large airports, they can fly out of smaller airports.

As a result, you can fly out of more than 5000 airports in America alone. That's 4450 more than the airports required by commercial airliners.

Ultimately, this means you don't have to travel that long to an airport for your flight. These smaller airports are also less congested which makes the overall experience more pleasant.

Once you get to the airport, you’ll save even more time. This is because you don't have to deal with check-in lines and check-in times like with commercial flights. In simple terms, you can arrive at the airport a few minutes before your flight takes off. In contrast, commercial airlines often require that you check-in well before your flight.

Another bonus is that you don't have to waste time waiting at the baggage carousel for your luggage. When you land with a private jet, your luggage is off the airplane and into your car in an instant.

The biggest benefit of all, though, is that you fly on your schedule. With a private charter, the charter flies on your schedule, and not the other way around.

Less Time on the Ground

It's Faster

Being faster is about more than outright speed. Sure, private jets do fly faster than commercial airlines. For example, commercial airlines have an average cruising speed of about 500 mph. In contrast, private jets have an average cruising speed of 600 mph.

What contributes to their overall speed is that private jets fly higher too. Commercial airliners typically cruise at around 35,000 feet. Small private jets fly higher than this.

The benefit of this is that it puts them above the traffic, so the routes are often more direct because they don't have to contend with other aircraft. They also climb faster to their cruising altitude which means they clear bad weather faster than commercial airlines.

Now, let's do the math. As an example, we'll use a flight from the US to China. In a straight line this distance is about 7200 miles. With a private jet, this flight will take you about 12 hours when flying in a straight line.

In contrast, the same trip with a commercial airline will take about 14 hours. Keep in mind, though, that this could be a bit longer, depending on the route.

If you consider that private jets often fly more direct than commercial airlines, this difference will end up being far longer. Now add in the time that it takes you to check in and wait for your luggage, and you'll save at least three hours when flying with a private charter.

You’ll Get Some Work Done

Apart from being faster and wasting less time which leads to you spending less time in the air, you'll be more productive on a private jet when you're alone.

Let's face it, on a commercial airline there's simply not enough space to work. Even if you're in first or business class, it's risky to have confidential conversations, because you don't know who may be around.

In fact, according to a 2009 survey by the National Business Aviation Association, respondents rated themselves as being 20% more productive while on a company aircraft than in the office. In contrast, their counterparts flying on commercial airlines experienced a 40% drop in productivity.

But this productivity is not only about the time spent in the air. Because you'll save so much time in traveling to the airport, and avoiding checkout lines and baggage claims, you'll have more time to spend on work.

You’ll Get Some Work Done

There's No Layovers

Because private jets aren't tied to the same networks and airports used by commercial airlines, it's possible for them to fly directly to any location. This is, obviously, if they have enough fuel capacity. This saves a lot of time, even if they must stop to refuel.

Although commercial airlines are already slower than private jets, it's not uncommon to hear of layovers of anything up to eight hours or more when flying internationally.

So, if you consider that you must spend at least two hours to travel to an airport and check in, and another eight hours or more for a layover, you almost waste an entire day of work when you're flying with a commercial airline.

If you equate that to work hours, you'll not only save time but a lot of money when you’re flying with a private charter.

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this post was helpful to illustrate how flying with a private charter can save you time. Sure, it is more expensive, but the time saved may be just worth your while.

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