How Much Luggage Can You Take on Private Jet Charter?

How Much Luggage Can You Take on Private Jet Charter

Unlike commercial airlines that give you a long list of luggage rules to follow, private jet charter is much more flexible. Private flyers have much more versatility as to the items they carry, and often the amount of space they can access. This presents a lot of convenience for the passenger, because whether you’re traveling for business or for leisure, extra space and different ways to use it are always welcome.

Here’s a look into the luggage capacities of different types of private jets you might be considering, along with the storage capacities for each to help you decide which one fits your needs.

What Can You Bring on a Private Jet Charter Flight?

You can bring all the items you’d expect to take with you on a commercial airline, including your clothes, electronics, etc. Additionally, there are other items you can carry with you that you might have trouble taking onto a commercial airline.

These include:

  • Pets (usually with no additional cost)

  • Full-size liquids

  • Skis and other snowboarding equipment

  • Golf clubs

  • Musical equipment

If there are niche materials you’d like to carry with you, it’d be best to ask your private jet charter agency if that particular set of items is authorized to board with.

What Can You Bring on a Private Jet Charter Flight?

How Much Luggage Can You Bring on a Private Jet Charter Flight?

The amount of luggage you can bring on a private jet charter flight depends on a few factors, but the most essential are the size of the aircraft and the number of passengers who’ll be joining you.

Luggage capacity is commonly referred to in cubic meters. Generally, a single cubic meter is enough for one suitcase per passenger plus one personal item, which can be a backpack or a briefcase.

As a rule of thumb, luggage capacity increases as the size of the aircraft increases, too. In most cases, larger aircraft have space to store luggage within the main cabin and outside the aircraft.

It’s also important to note that the number of passengers who’ll be boarding directly affects the amount of luggage you can carry. If some seats are going to be left untaken, they can usually be converted to extra room for luggage.

Another essential consideration is that the range of the aircraft is influenced by its weight, so your private jet charter agency will inform you if the amount of luggage you plan to carry exceeds the range of the trip.

Here’s a breakdown of luggage capacity for each private jet size, along with accommodations that can be made to enable you to carry more luggage.

Light Jets

Light jets typically carry six or seven passengers, with a luggage capacity of 0.75 cubic meters.

When all seats are filled, each passenger can bring along a small wheeled bag and a personal item.

However, some private jets may have chutes or cargo pods that have been converted to facilitate more space.

Midsize Jets

A midsize jet tends to carry up to 8 passengers, with a luggage capacity of 4.25 cubic meters.

The greater luggage allowance means each passenger can carry a suitcase that weighs up to 23Kg or 50Ib, together with the personal item they’ll bring on board.

Depending on the number of seats filled and how much luggage each passenger intends to bring, there may also be room for larger items such as skis and golf clubs.

Super-midsize Jets

A super-midsize jet typically carries between eight and ten passengers. With all seats filled, each passenger can bring two medium-sized bags, along with a personal item.

Even if there are passengers for all available seats, a super-midsize jet often has extra room for larger items like sporting equipment, in addition to space for suitcases.

Heavy Jets

Heavy jets tend to have a capacity that falls between 12 and 14 passengers. Many come with a couch area and sometimes a bedroom, making them the most ideal option for long-haul flights. Their luggage capacity also reflects that.

Each passenger can bring two large bags and a personal item. The increased luggage capacity is the result of large jets having space for luggage both in the cabin and in the hold.

If you’ll be chartering a VIP airliner such as an Airbus Corporate Jet or a Boeing Business Jet, the extra cargo spaces underneath the cabin provide ample room for a high amount of luggage.

How Much Luggage Can You Bring on a Private Jet Charter Flight?

Do You Have to Check in Luggage When Traveling by Private Jet?

As with commercial airlines, you almost always need to check your luggage in when you’re taking a trip on a private jet. This process is usually done before you board, but it comes with a few advantages that make it much less of an inconvenience.

You don’t have to wait in line as your luggage is processed, so this is often a much quicker process that lasts no more than a few minutes.

Will You Be Able to Access Your Luggage During the Flight?

If there’s luggage you’ll need to access, such as skincare products, a change of clothes, electronics, etc, some planning beforehand can make it easy for you to get the items during your flight.

One easy way to do this is to put these items into the personal bag or briefcase you’ll carry onto the flight. However, depending on the type of aircraft, you may also be able to access your main luggage during your trip. This is especially the case if the aircraft enables you to keep your suitcases in the main cabin.

Heavy jets and super-midsize jets tend to have dedicated cargo spaces under the main cabin, which you’re recommended to use for items you’ll only need after your journey since you won’t be able to access them mid-flight.

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