In-flight Wellness Features Available on Private Jet Charter

While staying healthy and feeling safe aboard a flight have always been important considerations for flyers, recent events have made them even more essential.

As commercial airlines prove increasingly unable to impose strict sanitation programs, passengers are turning to private jet charter flights for their robust safety standards.

This is true for both business and leisure flyers, who are finding that their safety is more assured on private flights.

Apart from the greater sanitation standards and compliance, however, private jets offer other quality-of-life features that translate to increased wellness for passengers.

Here’s a look at the standard wellness options that are found on private jets.

Greater Sanitation

Especially now, it’s vital to passengers that the aircraft they’re going to board is effectively cleaned and disinfected to make a fresh, new, and healthy environment for them.

Commercial flights, needing to minimize the interval before one trip and the next, have tight time constraints that prevent them from performing thorough clean-up and disinfection.

That’s not the case for private jet charter, which is more focused on providing clients with a premium experience as opposed to shortening the time between trips. This allows private jets to undergo strict, carefully enforced sanitation procedures that prioritize the health of each passenger.

As a result, private flyers are at a much lower risk of contracting a sickness over the course of their flight.

Besides that, private jets also have to adhere to additional private aviation standards that are rigidly enforced by governing bodies. This ensures that when passengers board a private jet, they are stepping into an environment that has been painstakingly cleaned and arranged to preserve their health.

private jet charter health standards

Healthy Dining Options

While commercial flights are often associated with subpar food, private jet charter provides flyers with opportunities to eat healthy meals during their flight.

When a client books a private jet, they’re presented with an extensive menu that is tailored to offer a meal that is both satisfying and healthy.

In addition, passengers have the freedom to customize their meals to fit other health concerns they may have, including allergies and dietary restrictions.

Likewise, passengers can amend the meal to contain foods they think are particularly beneficial to their health.

This is in stark contrast to commercial dining options, which are often underwhelming and few.

The same applies to beverages, with passengers given exhaustive options for the drinks they can have onboard.

Flyers can also have their meals served at times they like. For example, a passenger may request to eat at a time that coincides with their regular dinner time to minimize stress to the body and reduce chances of jet lag.

Private jet charter catering

Customizable Cabin Conditions

Flying privately also provides passengers with the option to alter cabin conditions to suit their preferences and health needs.

A private jet charter agency can make arrangements for the temperature to be set at a certain point to suit the flyer, and the passenger can request additional changes during the flight as their preferences and needs change. The same can be done for other cabin atmosphere conditions such as humidity.

There may also be options to do the same for flying altitude.

A passenger can also have the lighting inside the cabin changed to enable easier and deeper sleep or simply to fit the flyer’s preferences.

Spacious Cabins

Apart from benefiting from being able to change conditions inside the cabin, private flyers also enjoy the wellness advantages that come with having more space.

They can sit in the ways that are most comfortable to them, with maximum room to recline so they can avoid cramps and other physical symptoms of improper seating.

And a flyer can also opt for a private jet with a large, quality bed if they need to sleep while on their way. This is essential for business travelers, who typically need a restful flight to replenish their energy before activities at their destination. Leisure travelers, too, find this option helpful for feeling refreshed at the end of their journey.

Flying privately also makes for better sleep because there are no intrusions during the flight, as well as the presence of familiar, fellow passengers.

Because of the variety of aircraft clients can choose from when booking with a private jet charter agency, they can choose a precise fit for their space needs to ensure their wellness.

Passenger enjoys private jet cabin

Faster Ascension and Above-weather Flight

Private jets provide comfortable flights because, unlike commercial flights, they can reach heights up to 41,000 feet. This enables them to fly above the weather, placing them in a zone where there’s the least chance of atmospheric disturbances that cause turbulence.

As a result, private flyers can enjoy smoother flights that allow them to have a calm and relaxed experience.

Similarly, private jets have more options to alter course when they need to avoid bad weather, ensuring that private flyers enjoy a continually comfortable experience. As far as wellness, this is helpful to passengers looking to rest, work, or simply have a seamless journey.

Private jets also ascend at a faster rate than commercial flights. And they reach their cruising speed at a faster fate—five minutes compared to 10. The fast ascension reduces the chances of ear clog, while the quicker time to cruising altitude allows passengers to get settled sooner.


Lastly, private jet charter enables flyers to have their unique health and wellness needs addressed before and during the flight.

Skincare products, essential oils, and any other products and accessories that each passenger uses can be provided as they fly.

That means, while flying privately, passengers can still keep up with their care routines. And flyers can provide exact specifications for the products they need sourced or the arrangements they’d like to be made to ensure all their regular wellness requirements are met.

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