Light and Medium-size Private Jet Charter on the Rise

As nations the world over instituted lockdowns or restrictions in 2020, the commercial airlines industry was particularly hard hit. It experienced its largest tumble since the second world war, falling by 66%.

People still needed to travel, however, both for business and for leisure. Seeking safe ways to do so, more turned to private jet charter. In sharp contrast to the decline suffered by the commercial aviation industry, private aviation continued to grow.

As 2021 progresses, the trends and evolving consumer tastes are favoring continued and greater growth for private aviation. Light and medium-size private jets have been at the center of this rise. Here’s a look at the reasons behind it, along with insights on how it promises to play out.

Light and Medium-size Private Jet Charter on the Rise

Resurgence of Business Travel

For an increasing number of businesses, travel is essential. But a decline in availability of commercial flights in 2020 emphasized this point, with executives struggling to book flights to both domestic and international destinations.

While many had already been capitalizing on the ease of private jets, more were brought into the fold. As a recent report by the Wall Street Journal reports, the private charter industry is seeing a rise in demand of up to 29% for business travel alone.

A key reason is the reopening of businesses all over the globe, with some that weren’t previously classified as essential now able to resume operations.

To make up for the downtime and kickstart revenue generation again, top leadership in companies are seeing a need to travel to partners, clients, and various locations where they operate.

As the Wall Street Journal’s report goes on to explain, part of this is also a result of business travel becoming a necessity for more than just those in executive or top leadership positions. Middle managers, similarly, are finding private jet charter a more convenient means of travel.

Particularly for business trips, a McKinsey report suggests, avoiding cumbersome airport checks is something business travelers are increasingly factoring into their travel plans.

Additionally, business travelers find the opportunity to carry out business or prepare for meetings while flying to be particularly appealing. And they’re able to take advantage of the add-on services of private jet charter to further ensure a smooth trip, both before and after they’ve landed.

Resurgence of Business Travel by Private jet

Uptick in Leisure Travel

Although at a slightly lesser scale, leisure travel has also contributed to the shifting trend in greater usage of light and medium private jets.

The health concerns of business travelers are also critical to those flying to vacation spots across the country and the globe, where tourism restrictions are lifting. And leisure travelers may not be interested in saving time for efficiency in the same as business flyers, but landing at their destinations in the shortest time possible is equally appreciated.

A Deloitte study on consumer behavior caused by the pandemic zooms in on the travel industry, revealing that restrictions on people’s local movements are fueling a stronger desire to take vacations.

With commercial airlines running on schedules that underserve customers, private jet charter is fulfilling the need.

Likewise, sentimental events that require travel, such as weddings, are still going on, and people still find it crucial to hold them at their preferred venues. Private flights are not merely making it possible for such events to go on, but they’re doing so in a way that adds to the experience.

Uptick in Leisure Travel by private jet charter

Renewed Awareness of Private Flying Benefits

Some of the reasons at the core of the sharp increase in demand for chartering light and medium-size aircraft are interspersed with benefits that have always existed but weren’t widely recognized.

A Statista study that surveyed 1,854 private flyers in 2020 revealed why they opted for private jets and why they’ll continue to charter them. Forty-five percent of the respondents had only just recently switched to flying private.


Advantages cited such as saving time, using airports inaccessible to commercial airlines, and greater comfort have always been a staple of flying private, but flyers are gaining a greater appreciation of them.

Others, such as ensuring greater protection from the coronavirus, are benefits that became crucial for passengers recently, but they’re understandably a top priority list for many.

This confirms trends unearthed by a study from Globe Trender, showing that while only 10% of those with the option to fly privately were doing so before 2020, that proportion is rapidly rising.

And it’s a sign, like the previously cited report from the WSJ suggests, the rise in light and medium-size private jet charter is one that’s going to last.

Ease of Booking

Highlighting how easy it has become to book a private jet, the WSJ uses the word “uberization,” drawing similarities between the modern chartering experience and the swiftness and convenience of ride-share apps.

Indeed, private flyers can simply enter the details of the trip they plan to take on a web interface and receive an instant quote, complete with options for the type of aircraft they can choose.

The quick response times of flight consultants and the ability to receive their assistance on further customization options has also added to the ease of booking a flight that accounts for precise flyer preferences.

This, too, has been a significant factor in flyers increasingly trending toward private flights.

Private jet charter

Private jet charter is receiving wider adoption as its benefits become more pronounced and acknowledged by flyers. Airacer helps passengers experience the best of flying private, with extensive options and professional, quality service. Contact us and request a free quote today to arrange your next trip.