What are the 5 Most Affordable Ways to Fly on a Private Jet?

Flying on a private jet is commonly seen as something only billionaires can do. After all, it’s insanely expensive, right? Surprisingly, chartering a private jet is now cheaper than ever—and within many people’s travel budgets. The best part? Booking is extremely easy (it’s just like booking an airline ticket), you’ll bypass security lines, you don’t have to deal with group boarding and you’ll receive personalized treatment, all at a fraction of the price you’re probably thinking.

1. Book an Empty Leg

Empty leg flights are empty planes that are scheduled to fly to a specific destination. Why? They’ve usually been booked by a group who are waiting at the destination to travel somewhere else. An estimated 30-50% of private jets are empty leg flights.

However, charter services want to fill these seats, and you can book one, or the entire plane, for thousands off the regular price. The only downsides to booking an empty leg flight are limited routes (you will go where the jet needs to be) and availability can be limited. Sometimes, you may only have a few days’ notice about when one of these flights is scheduled to leave. If the original booker of the jet cancels, your flight will be canceled as well.

Don’t let that scare you off though; the key to flying via empty legs is to have flexibility in your travel arrangements. You’re still going to have a luxurious flight if you opt for an empty leg flight, and you’ll usually save around 50-75%. You can potentially arrive only minutes before takeoff, although it’s important to remember most empty leg flights have little flexibility if you’re late, and you’ll usually receive some sort of lightly catered meal or snacks—without paying the exorbitant prices you see on commercial flights.

Let’s look at an example: a charter flight from Los Angeles to New York on GIV usually costs about $30K-$40K. But if there’s an empty leg, the price could be slightly over 20K, which means you would save roughly 50% off your flight. The best part? You’re receiving the exact same charter service.

Private Jet Charter Service

2. Charter a Small Plane

This one may seem like a no brainer, but the size of the plane you book can drastically increase the cost of your flight. Remember that you’re paying not only for the crew members assisting you, you’re also paying towards the fuel of the plane and the amenities that come with your flight. The bigger the plane, the larger your expenses.

Unless your party is in desperate need of more space or seats, it’s much cheaper to charter a smaller plane.

3. Book with a Group

Who hasn’t had a fun weekend trip with their girl or guy friends? Imagine reaching your destination on a private jet. You’ll arrive refreshed and relaxed, and can start your trip as soon as possible. Here’s the price estimate on one of our light jets on a trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas:

If you split the cost of $3,000 amongst five people, you end up only spending $600 per seat. That’s the price of a first-class ticket on most major airlines (if not less). However, by chartering your own private jet, you’ll get to bypass security, receive first-class service, and your plane doesn’t leave until you’re all onboard—and never have to deal with the rush of people pushing and shoving to get off the plane as soon as it lands.

People enjoy their time on a private jet.

4. Join a Membership Program

There are a fair amount of membership programs for frequent flyers. Some of these plans are available through major airlines; however, some of these services may have hidden fees. One of the best membership options you can find is an empty leg membership. These programs will automatically send you available empty leg flights. Commercial private jet membership programs can cost hundreds of thousands a year, but an empty leg membership through Airacer is only $5,000 a year.

5. Choose a Service Provider with More Aircrafts in Their Fleet

More aircraft seems like more money, right? After all, these places need to pay for all their aircraft. Not so! When you choose a chartering service with a larger fleet, you’ll have more options for your travel needs. Let’s look at the flight from Los Angeles to New York mentioned earlier:

With such a large fleet, Airacer is able to provide you with a variety of options at a variety of price levels. Have a large family reunion and need 16 seats? Once everything is split, you’re only spending $2,500 per seat to use one of our Ultra Long Range Jets. What if you want a luxurious experience with only 8 of your closest friends? You’re only spending around $3,125 per ticket to use one of our Mid-size Jets.

Private jet charter

Chartering a private jet doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, in most cases, you’re spending about what you would spend flying first class on a major airline. With the world still dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, charter flights allow a safer, cleaner experience for you and your loved ones that you can’t find on a commercial airline. You’ll also receive individualized care during your flight, leading to a better travel experience. Why fly first class when you can fly like a king?

Charter a Private jet with Airacer:

Airacer is one of the most professional and reliable private jet providers. We strive to make private jet charter accessible and affordable to anyone looking for a luxurious flying experience. We firmly believe that once you fly private jets, you’ll never want to use commercial airlines again. If you are interested in chartering a private jet for your next trip, we welcome you to use our cost estimator and request a quote.

Happy travels, and we hope to see you soon!