What sort of people fly in private jets?

What is it like to globetrot on a private jet? Have you ever imagined speeding from one destination to another with customized private jet charter and not having to wait for hundreds of other people to board or deplane?

Private jets might cost a little more than commercial flights, but for many people the convenience and other factors are beginning to outweigh the small price difference. Between 2016 and 2017, the demand for private jet charter jumped by 10% and was accompanied by a 12.7% increase in logged flight hours.

This year, with health concerns and inconveniences related to the coronavirus pandemic, private jet charter may become even more attractive to a wider range of people.

So, what sort of people are actually flying in private jets? Now is the time to answer this question.

People in private jet

1. Business Professionals

Gallivanting around the world in your own private jet must certainly be reserved for the rich and famous. This is one of the most common myths people have for private jet charter. Actually, contrary to what you might think, neither celebrities, athletes, nor famous politicians top the list of people who charter private jets.

Instead, around 70% of private jet passengers are flying for business.

That’s right! Regular business professionals are hopping on private jet charters and whizzing around the country and the world.

Why? Well, perhaps more in business than life in general, time is money. Business professionals often need to get from one place to another quickly as well as be able to continue conducting business en route. But this can be difficult even in business or first class of commercial airlines. Not only do you have to wait for a scheduled flight (or fly at horribly odd hours), but also staying connected can be a challenge.

Instead, by chartering a private jet, you can choose your departure and destination locations and takeoff time. Furthermore, you won’t have to be waiting around for your jet or racing through the airport to make your flight on time. Your private jet waits for you.

You can also bring a small group of people along with you to have team members in the right place. Plus, you’ll have ample space and privacy to work while traveling.

Finally, not every destination has commercial flights. To avoid the hassle of ground transportation from the nearest commercial airport, you can charter a private jet directly to your destination.

Business professionals in private jet

2. Large Families or Friend Groups

Do you always go on a trip with your family or friends? If you fly on a commercial airline, you’ll have to pay for each person’s seat, which can add up quickly. However, if you have a large family or are going to fly with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, or friends, flying in a private jet becomes an attractive option. Split the cost between you all and, depending on the flight time, the cost of flying private might be surprisingly cost-friendly.

It’s also incredibly convenient. Imagine not having to deal with long security lines and keep track of small, bored children in a busy airport. Set your flight time for the schedule that works for your family to enjoy a stress-free flight that is much different from what you’re used to.

On the plane itself, you can enjoy customizable inflight services. Enjoy more than just a package of pretzels and choose from more than just two options for lunch. Picky kids will be delighted and anyone who has dietary restrictions will be happy that they can request food that meets their needs.

The flight itself is also more comfortable since you are not stuffed into a tin can with a bunch of strangers like a bunch of sardines. That means you don’t have to worry about keeping the baby quiet and not annoying the people around you. Instead, you are surrounded by your family and friends and the kids can all play together while you relax and enjoy a tall glass of something cold.

Plus, the family dog can easily come along when flying in a private jet.

Family in private jet

3. People with Coronavirus Concerns

This year, another group of people is coming to the forefront of private jet travel. People who are concerned about the coronavirus.

First of all, cramming into a small space with hundreds of other people isn’t the most appealing thing to do during a pandemic. They can close off the middle seats all they like but that doesn’t change the fact that you’re all stuck in there breathing the same air, albeit recycled and supposedly disinfected.

Beyond that, commercial flyers are being plagued with problems due to the pandemic. From delayed flights due to passengers not wanting to follow safety protocols to flights being completely canceled at the last minute (not to mention the low availability of flights between specific destinations), private jet charter is becoming much more attractive.

Additionally, semi-private jets are blasting onto the scene because of the coronavirus. Passengers can purchase a seat on a private jet charter flight and share the flight with 5 or 10 other passengers, rather than a couple of hundred. This greatly reduces their exposure, yet the price (depending on the flight) can be comparable to flying commercial or not that much more.

People with Coronavirus Concerns

4. Celebrities, Athletes, and Other High-profile Individuals

You were expecting this at the beginning, so we won’t leave you hanging. Many high-profile individuals or rich people enjoy their life of luxury and travel in style on private jets. After all, wouldn’t it be rather random to find yourself sitting next to Jennifer Aniston or Will Smith on a first-class flight from Los Angeles?

Some of them even own their own private jets or take it one step further and have their own pilot’s license, like Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie, which defines true convenience to another level.

Celebrity in private jet

5. You

Ready to avoid the long security lines? Concerned about the coronavirus? Prefer to travel from your departure location to your destination without making any stops in between? Whatever the reason, chartering a private jet is a viable way for many people to travel.

Here at Airacer, you get to enjoy the most tailored and cost-effective private jet charter service. Whether you have flown private jet charter before or not, feel free to contact us and request a free quote on your next (or first) private flight today!