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Private Jet Charter For Proposal, Wedding & Honeymoon

Private Jet Charter For Proposal, Wedding & Honeymoon

Can we all agree that weddings are getting more extravagant with every passing year? Brides are paying more for their dresses, receptions are larger and every bride comes with an entourage of professional photographers and videographers.

Nowadays, it's not uncommon to see weddings at expensive reception venues in exotic locations, exquisitely crafted meals, and top-shelf entertainment. But the expenses don’t stop there. People are going out with their proposals and honeymoons too.

So, if you want to make your proposal, wedding, and honeymoon extra special, why not go all out and charter a private jet? With the comfort, luxury, and convenience that private jet travel offers, you’ll be sure no one forgets it.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can make these events extra special by chartering a private jet.


By this time, you know private jet travel is all about comfort and luxury. So, what more do you need to set the stage for a perfect proposal?

Just think about it, you can jet off to:

● New York City for the perfect proposal in Central Park, whether you do it with a romantic picnic or even something bigger like on a horse-drawn carriage.

● Napa Valley, where you can propose amongst the vineyards. You can even customize some wine labels with a photo of you and your loved one and your proposal message to make it extra special.

● Aspen, where you'll be able to propose against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful scenery that the United States has to offer. Just think about a proposal in a helicopter high above the Colorado mountains.

Because you'll save a lot of time when you charter a private jet, and you don't have to wait for a commercial flight to become available, you can plan a quick getaway for the perfect proposal. And don’t ever forget that you can even propose in the sky! With private jet charter, you can always ask the flight crew to make it a theme flight with customized settings for your proposal!

Private Jet Charter For Proposal


If you've already got an idea for the destination for your wedding, there's no better way to travel to your destination other than using a private jet. Because private jets are so luxurious and comfortable, they offer you a practical way to travel to your wedding destination while also reducing your stress. And let's face it, your wedding is already a stressful occasion.

In simple terms, you'll arrive for your special day relaxed.

Another benefit of using a private jet for your wedding in an exotic destination is that you have so many options to land in which, in turn, eliminates unnecessary traveling time. As a bonus, you can also let friends and family travel with you to the wedding. This means they don't have to fly different airlines on their own, instead they'll be there for your special day together and on time.

And don't forget about the “wow” factor. Nothing makes a bigger statement than arriving at your wedding with a private jet. It also gives you the perfect opportunity for exquisite wedding photographs or videos with the aircraft. You can even take it one step further and hold a private ceremony for you and your loved one on the plane while in the air.

Private Jet Charter For Wedding


Honeymoon is the one thing that the newlyweds can just be with each other and relax. There's no better way of relaxing than sitting back and having a drink on the private jet on the way to the honeymoon destination. And you can literally leave your wedding venue and go straight to the closest airport to catch your flight.

Considering that, in the United States alone, there are about 5000 airports private jets can land in, while commercial airlines can only use about 500. This means you don't have to spend a lot of time traveling to the airport to depart for your honeymoon.

Apart from saving time, this also means that you have more options to travel to for your honeymoon. Simply put, your options are almost limitless. To give you an idea, you can consider some of these places for your dream honeymoon:

● Kauai. Ideal for those who love spending time outdoors, Kauai is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the US.

● Big Sur. Situated on the California coast, you’ll have a dream honeymoon with spectacular views of the ocean.

● Lake Tahoe. Here, you can spend the day boating on the Lake or on the shore enjoying its crystal-clear waters.

Before we get too carried away with exotic destinations, let’s get back to saving time when chartering a private jet. You won’t only save time traveling to the airport, flying with a private jet also means you don't have to spend hours at the airport in queues, going through customs, or checking in.

And once in the air, you'll enjoy the utmost luxury, privacy, and comfort on your way to your dream honeymoon destination. To go that extra mile, you could even consider chartering a helicopter to take you from the airport to your hotel.

It will definitely be a honeymoon that you won't forget.

Private Jet Charter For Honeymoon

Getting started

Everyone wants their proposal, wedding, or honeymoon to be special. To make them extra special, now you know that chartering a private jet is definitely a great idea. It gives you the utmost in luxury, privacy, and comfort.

The next thing is how to actually charter one. Airacer is the one-stop platform for your private aviation experience. Our professional flight consultants are always ready to help you with the most tailored and cost-effective private jet charter service. Contact Airacer with the travel plans for your proposal, wedding, or honeymoon, and we’ll handle the rest! We also have an online quote tool that you can use to calculate estimated charter prices and find out about the availability of aircraft. After submitting the request, your personal flight consultant at Airacer will then work with you to plan your special day or moment.

We can also assist you with any arrangements regarding transportation to and from the airport, catering, and in-flight entertainment. As a result, you'll end up with the perfect proposal, wedding, or honeymoon.


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