Is Private Jet Charter More Comfortable Than First Class?

If you're thinking about making the switch from first-class to private jet charter, 2020 is the year to do it.

This summer, while commercial air traffic was reduced by 85%, private flights shot up over 70%. Chartering a private jet is more accessible and more practical than ever before.

And, given the ongoing pandemic, it's the safest way to travel now and for years to come.

Still, you might wonder if flying on a private jet is really more comfortable and convenient than flying first-class. In this post, we'll discuss some factors to help you answer that question.

Read on to learn if you should charter a private jet for your future travels.

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The Rise of the Private Jet Charter

First-class used to be the ultimate travel dream. Celebrities, CEOs, and other high-power figures stretched out in comfort and drank champagne while everyone else "roughed it" in economy class.

Then, as airlines shifted their focus to their business class offerings, they started making concessions in first-class. Gone were the private suites, lie-flat seats, and complimentary champagne.

In the past 10 years, both Delta and United have reduced their first-class seats by 50%. The same source adds that industry experts predict first-class seats will disappear almost entirely in the next decade.

That's not to say that some airlines don't still provide amazing first-class luxury. (Emirates, Etihad, and Singapore Airlines might come to mind.) Still, with the Golden Age of commercial air travel far behind us, more and more people are opting to charter a private jet.

The popularity of private jet charters has grown steadily since the late 1990s. It's no longer reserved for the super-rich either. A variety of aircraft (as well as membership programs and shared ownership options) has opened exciting new possibilities to anyone who wants to fly in style.

The Superior Comfort of a Private Jet

The pampered flying experience of the 1960s is long gone on commercial aircraft. The good news is it's alive and well (and seriously upgraded) onboard private jets.

Let's look at some features you can experience if you charter a private jet.

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Plenty of Personal Space

The most obvious comfort associated with private jets is the amount of space you'll enjoy. Even with the best commercial first-class seats, you're still sharing space with a lot of other travelers.

When you charter a jet, it's just you and whoever you choose to invite. Depending on the type of jet you reserve, you'll have plush reclining chairs, oversized sofas, and all the legroom you could ever want.

Full-Sized Bathrooms

Bathrooms on commercial flights are generally pretty dismal. Even if you manage to snag a private first-class bathroom, you're still limited on space and comfort.

Contrast that with the offerings onboard a private jet. Many aircraft feature full-sized facilities that even include hot showers or (the latest trend) heated stone flooring. Larger jets may offer multiple bathrooms with the same features, allowing everyone to arrive feeling refreshed and alert.

Imagine how much more comfortable a long flight would be if you could shower and get ready onboard. You'll look and feel like a million bucks when the jet touches down on the tarmac at your final destination.

Five-Star Kitchen Facilities

You won't find any pre-packaged foods or microwaved meals on a private jet charter. One of the benefits frequent fliers enjoy most is the ability to hire (or bring along) their own chefs and choose their own menu.

Many private jets have fully-equipped kitchens that rival anything you have at home. Chefs can stock up on items ahead of time and prepare the most elaborate meal imaginable during the flight.

Want your favorite gourmet omelet and fresh-squeezed juice waiting for you when you wake up? No problem. Ready to crack open the champagne in honor of that big deal you just closed? Keep it the perfect temperature inside the wine cooler until you're ready to celebrate.

Private Bedrooms

In addition to flatbeds, larger private jets might offer dedicated bedroom suites. Think king-sized beds, luxurious linens, and all the other comforts of home.

The technology onboard is sure to enhance your comfort level too. From ambient lighting to surround sound to wide-screen TVs, you can create any mood you like onboard your flight.

Conference Abilities

A major drawback of first-class commercial travel is the lack of privacy. You can forget having a conference call or discussing sensitive information when you're sharing space with strangers.

A private jet offers you complete privacy to review important details for an upcoming meeting, discuss company strategy, or do other meaningful work in the air. You'll do it all in ultimate comfort too, as many private jets are equipped with executive leather chairs, built-in video systems, and Wi-Fi access.

First-Class Service

Think about the level of service you'll experience if the cabin crew has only you and your invited guests to care for. Likely they'll know each of your names as well as your needs and preferences before you even step onboard.

No more beverage trolleys rolling by, strange odors from airline food, or loud passengers disturbing your sleep. Your cabin crew are there to offer the same experience you'd expect at your favorite luxury resort.

Safer Travel with Pets

An often-overlooked perk of private jet travel is the ability to bring your furry friends along. Not only can you enjoy the pleasure of flying with your pet, but it's also much safer and more comfortable for them.

The Superior Comfort of a Private Jet

Private Jet vs First Class: Which Will You Choose?

Many airlines around the world still offer first-class options, but their numbers are shrinking. Even if you've always been a first-class flyer, it's time to consider making the switch to a private jet charter.

The convenience, comfort, and privacy of a private jet can't be beaten. You'll save time and money by reducing travel time while maximizing in-flight productivity.

And given the ongoing pandemic, it's certainly the safest option for you and your traveling companions.

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