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What Are Private Jet Charter Flight Safety Ratings?

Private Jet Safety Ratings

There are over 21,000 business aircrafts in the world, with over 13,000 jets available in the market run by different operators. As a customer who knows little about operating a private jet, you may wonder how do I know the safety level of a specific jet or how can I choose the most safe jets to charter.

Well, private jets are generally very safe! Operators may run differently and have different safety standards but there are rules that all aviation companies must follow when they're operating. For example, all private aircraft operators who offer transport services for hire have to get certificated by the FAA in the US. The type of certificate awarded to a flight gets determined by its use and the number of passengers it accommodates. Bigger planes that offer transport services have more strict safety and compliance standards.

However, safety is the thing that everyone needs to pay extra attention. When it comes to the safety of private jets, a good reference for flyers can be the safety ratings granted by industry well-recognized organizations.

Types of Private Jet Safety Ratings

There are three well-known safety standards in business aviation, including the IS-BAO, WYVERN, and ARGUS. The three organizations have the highest recognition as institutions that audit safety. They can recognize private jet charters depending on the safety level these flights achieve.

1. International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO)

IS-BAO Stage 3

The IS-BAO is an approved code of best practices. It’s outlined to assist flight departments to attain high levels of safety and competence.

IS-BAO helps operators modify safety procedures and apply the best practices in the industry. It reviews the current policies regarding safety, processes, and procedures. After the comprehensive review, the IS-BAO program then offers the right tools and materials to guide and help the operator in:

  • Creating or improving a framework for efficient safety and operational procedures.

  • Enabling the adaptation of best practices.

  • Generating a Safety Management System (SMS) to fit the specific profile of how they operate.

After the operator's best practices profile gets implemented, the IS-BAO program provides a process of periodic review and advancement. It also creates a schedule for audits, both internally and externally. IS-BAO offers jet operators safety auditing in three stages, with Stage 3 being the highest level.


ARGUS Platinum

ARGUS is an independent system to rate aircraft operators based on the actual safety histories of the operators. It is among the most reputable systems for rating charter operators globally. Jet operators have to pass through the ARGUS Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) to get certificates.

ARGUS Ratings:

ARGUS allocates different ratings to aircraft operators and charter services. The ratings depend on the data availed and include:

  • Not Rated. This shows that the data ARGUS collected is not enough to warrant a rating.

  • DNQ. DNQ shows that the specific operator they are evaluating has not met the qualification standards to get a rating from ARGUS.

  • Gold Rating. ARGUS offers the Gold Rating standard to operators who surpass the standards of other companies with the same levels of experience and history.

  • Gold-Plus Rating. Operators who get the Gold-Plus rating have achieved the conditions required for a gold rating, and the audits have exceeded the ARGUS Gold-Plus standards during the last 24 months. Alternatively, it shows they have registered with the IS-BAO Stage 1.

  • Platinum Rating. This goes to operators who achieve the requirements of the gold rating plus the ARGUS audit required for Platinum standards in the last 24 months.


WYVERN Wingman

Wyvern is an independent body that assists operators in adhering to strict practices. It has a good reputation in the aviation sector, and its standards are well recognized. The highest rank that Wyvern offers is the Wingman certification, accepted as a premium sign to show quality and safety.

For operators to qualify for the Wingman certification, they have to satisfy the criteria in The Wingman Standard. They should also carry out an initial audit and a follow-up audit bi-annually. Industry stakeholders and end-users recognize the Wingman Certification as the premier sign of quality and safety.


For private jet charter flights to work, the aircraft operators must legally comply with the appropriate national aviation authority. Private jets are therefore very safe. For private jet flyers, a simple way to justify the safety of a private jet is to look at above ratings.

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