Tips For First-Time Private Jet Charter Flyer

If Hollywood’s elite, major sports figures, and Meghan and Harry can hire a private jet charter service, why can’t you? You can, and you should.

During these especially uncertain times when hygiene and social distancing is a top priority, choosing to fly on a private jet charter is becoming more on-trend. It’s fast, convenient, and a wonderful way to get from A to Z without the usual hassles.

So, if you are a first-time private jet charter flyer who has never considered this mode of transportation, now is the time to consider.

Why not take advantage of such a service and be treated like royalty?

Private Jet Charter Flyer

Yes, flying privately aboard a private jet charter can be a wonderful and rewarding experience. From quality meals arranged to please your palate, comfortable seating, a pleasant staff, and nobody kicking your seat from behind this truly is the way to travel.

But before you start packing your suitcases and carry-on bags (no worries about them being weighed) there are some important tips, rules, and guidelines you should know before flying the friendly skies via a private jet charter.

The following first-time flyer guide dedicated to private jet charter travel will hopefully steer you in the right direction about what you need to know. Thus, before embarking to your favorite getaway – be it the sunny Hawaiian Islands, someplace in Europe, or for a simple meeting across the country on a private jet charter – keep reading.

Check Itinerary

When flying on a private jet charter you will leave from an FBO also known as a Fixed Base Operator. An FBO is a section within an airport designated for private aviation and jet charter. Keep in mind you will still need to wear your protective mask before stepping aboard a private jet charter, however, you will be avoiding the long lines at the main airport typical of flying commercially. There’s no more endless waiting for an agent to check you in and issue a boarding pass.

Depending on which private jet charter service you choose, you will receive an itinerary with the FBO where you will be departing. If not, you can always call the private jet charter service and enquire about your itinerary, where to park your vehicle, and anything else you might need or still have questions about.

Speaking of parking your vehicle (and depending on where you depart from), you might be able to pull right up and onto the tarmac then directly board the private jet charter. Again, check with the company that booked the private jet charter flight to make sure before leaving the house.

Bring Proper Identification

Just as you would if you were leaving from a regular airport, you need to bring proper identification. Even though you will skip the long lines and other check-in securities when flying by private jet charter service, you will still need to identify who you are to board a private jet charter flight.

Identification types include:

· A valid Driver’s License.

· U.S. Citizen I.D. card.

· State issued I.D.

· A valid passport if you plan to fly internationally.

Pack Accordingly

Again, unlike flying with the masses, you won’t have to check your suitcases and/or other baggage when flying by private jet charter service. However, you should pack accordingly when flying via private jet charter. Don’t go overboard with suitcases and only take what you need. If you aren’t sure what the suitcase and baggage limitations are when flying by the private jet charter, reach out to the private jet charter company or the person who booked the flight for answers.

Keep in mind because private jet charters are sometimes smaller than commercial flight, for the most part, space is limited. Leave non-essentials, multiple bags, large suitcases, and unnecessary items behind when flying aboard a private jet charter.

Space on a private jet charter all depends on how many other passengers have booked a flight on the same private jet charter. Call and ask if there are any limitations before making the mistake of overpacking.

And like a commercial flight, there are things you won’t be able to bring with you onboard such as sharp items, firearms, and/or weapons. But unlike commercial airline flights, you can bring liquids, including beverages, etc. You may certainly bring snacks and such but typically there will be an in-flight gourmet meal service to ward off hunger pangs. Don’t expect the usually packaged peanuts and pre-warmed entrées aboard a private jet charter. This tray of food will be edible and delish – and usually pre-ordered by you when booking a private jet charter flight.

Don’t Overdrink

When you fly a private jet charter, there will most likely be alcoholic beverages available to you and your party. This doesn’t mean to drink like a fish and overindulge in wine, beer, or mixed drinks. Why? Some experts believe the high altitude can get into your system quicker and you could become inebriated faster.

But do enjoy yourself with a cocktail but err on the side of caution for yourself, as well as others in the aircraft.

Also, while there should be a lavatory on board a private jet charter, make sure you pay a visit to the FBO’s facilities before departing just in case.

Private Jet Charter Flights

Up, Up and Away

Flying aboard a private jet can be a wonderful experience whether your destination is one-hour away or clear across the country. You can sit back, take off your shoes, enjoy the pleasurable surroundings, clean atmosphere, order a drink, and dine on a gourmet meal without having to worry about who is sitting (or listening) next to you.

After your flight aboard concludes on a private jet charter, you will be so impressed you will probably never fly on a commercial carrier – unless you are required.

Flying via private jet charter service is no longer just for the rich and famous – it’s in your reach so take advantage today.

If you’re sold on making your next trip – for business or pleasure – via a private jet charter, call on Airacer Charter Service to book your next private jet charter and request a quote.

Happy flying to wherever you may be headed today or sooner.