Top 8 Reasons To Fly Private Jet Charter

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Private jet charters have been growing in popularity for the last few years, and they’re not showing any signs of slowing down. According to the latest data, in fact, there are more than 750,000 private charter flights booked each year.

Have you always wanted to fly in a private jet? Have you always thought that it was too expensive? If so, charters are a great alternative that allows you to experience the luxury of private travel with the expense.

Still on the fence about this option? Keep reading. Listed below are some of the top reasons why you ought to consider a private jet charter for your next travel experience.

Clients boarding private jet.
Private Jet Charter

1. Faster Travel

This point, alone, is reason enough for a lot of people to think about chartering a private jet for their next flight. Who doesn’t want to get to their destination as quickly as possible?

With a private jet charter, you get to save a ton of time and make your flight much more efficient. There are plenty of reasons for this, including the fact that private flights get rid of a lot of wasted time.

You don’t have to show up at the airport two hours before your plane leaves, for example. You don’t have to go through long security lines, either (although there are still security checks involved before boarding the plane), and at some airports, your transportation vehicle is allowed to park right next to the plane. That way, you’re able to board directly from the apron and get on your way sooner.

If you’re in a real hurry, you can also choose a faster aircraft, such as a Gulfstream G550. This can easily cut down 1-2 hours of travel time and get you to your destination much faster!

2. High-Quality Experience

It’s not uncommon to encounter someone who says they don’t like flying. There’s a good chance, though, that the reason this person doesn’t like flying is that they don’t like the discomfort involved in a traditional flight (cramped seats, long waits, that one baby who never stops crying, etc.).

When you fly in a private jet, you get to avoid all of the elements that make traditional flights unpleasant. There’s plenty of room to spread out, you don’t have to wait for hundreds of people to board, and you can enjoy a much quieter and more relaxing travel experience.

Keep in mind, too, that private charter flights always come with transportation options as an additional service. If you want to be picked up from the airport in a particular type of vehicle, for example, you can specify that when booking your flight. You’ll also have a chauffeur who is readily available to assist with your luggage.

3. Increased Convenience and Flexibility

There’s a lot more convenience and increased flexibility associated with private air travel compared to regular flights, too, and the perks that come with private jet charters are unparalleled.

For example, you get to enjoy a greater amount of leniency if you’re running late. There’s no risk of the plane leaving without you.

Your flight can leave at virtually any time, too, and you often can find a flight with very little notice. In fact, most private flights are booked within two weeks (or less) of the traveler’s departure date.

4. Reduced Stress

Flying can often be a stressful experience. Whether you’re traveling alone for business or taking a flight with your kids, it’s common to feel totally worn out before you’ve even boarded the plane.

When you charter a private plane, you get to eliminate a lot of the stressful aspects of air travel. Instead of worrying about getting on the plane on time or trying to keep your kids quiet in their cramped seats, you can skip long lines and start getting comfortable right away. Everyone will have plenty of space, and the whole process will be easier and more efficient.

Because transportation is provided, you also don’t need to worry as much about managing your time as you do when you’re taking a regular commercial flight. All the little details are handled for you, and you’ll receive notifications about your pick-up schedule ahead of time so you stay in the loop.

5. More Privacy

When you’re crammed in an economy class seat with a hundred (or more) other people, you definitely don’t get to enjoy much (if any) privacy. This can make trying to work on a plane a major challenge.

When you travel in a private jet, though, there’s plenty of privacy. This makes it much easier for you to work uninterrupted.

You can also hold business meetings with your travel companions in the air without worrying about being overheard or bothering other passengers, and you’ll have access to tools like computers or fax machines if needed. You can start your meeting as soon as you board, too, which makes things even more efficient for everyone involved.

Clients having business meeting in a private jet.

6. Take Your Pets

Flying with pets is another serious obstacle that turns a lot of people off from air travel. No pet parent wants to worry about their furry friend being stashed away from them in a crate for hours on end, right?

A private jet eliminates this issue, as most of them allow you to have your pet with you in the cabin. You get to enjoy the comfort of having your dog, cat, or other pet by your side, and they get to travel in style. You can make requests for resources that increase your pet’s comfort (food, treats, toys, etc.) as well.

7. Customize Your Flight

Private jet charters give you the option to customize many aspects of your flight, too. You aren’t left to work with whatever bland airplane food is available to you. Instead, you get to choose the menu and select food that works best for your preferences and dietary needs.

It’s also easier for you to make the flight as comfortable as possible. You can adjust the temperature of the cabin and lower or raise the shades on the windows without worrying about inconveniencing anyone else. You’re allowed to make requests for beds to keep you comfortable on long flights as well, and you can even get bassinets for babies.

8. Skip the Terminal

When you land, you get to skip the crowded airport terminal after your private flight, too. You can collect your bags sooner and get in a car to your hotel much sooner, and you don’t have to worry about any luggage mishaps or other issues that could start your trip off on a less-than-stellar note.

Remember, you can also get dropped off right next to the plane in many cases. This further streamlines the process and gets you on your way faster than ever.

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