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Charter a Private Jet to New York for US Open Tennis Championship

People sitting in a stadium watching a tennis game at US Open

At the end of summer every year, the world’s best tennis players come together and swing their rackets to compete at the Grand Slam tournament, the US Open.

Celebrities, famous people, and tennis lovers come from all over the world to watch this grand finale. To make the event even more memorable, you can travel there in style and comfort.

Why not charter a private jet to the US Open? Airacer offers private jet charter flights to New York for the US Open.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Private Jet Charter is the Best Option to Fly to the US Open

Travel in comfort in a private jet.

Travel in Style and Comfort

Private jets offer luxurious amenities than commercial planes. From spacious cabins, Wi-Fi connectivity, fine dining, comfortable leather seats, and an ensuite bedroom and shower, they offer the finest flight experience.

Additionally, your flight may come with cabin crew and flight attendants who’ll offer personalized service and attention.

Want to bring your pet? Let them tag along! Since you’ll be having the whole space to yourself, you can travel with your pet. You’ll also have unlimited luggage capacity and room for extra necessities.

Fly According to Your Schedule

Do you need to fly to the US Open but can’t find a commercial flight matching your schedule? Charter a private jet.

Commercial airlines follow a fixed schedule. For others, you have to take a connecting flight, which can mess up your plans. But with a private jet, you dictate your departure time to suit your travel needs.

Privacy and Safety

If you want to travel without sparking the interest of curious eyes, travel privately. Private jets allow you to travel without attracting unwanted attention.

The private terminals help safeguard your privacy. You can have a personal driver or escort take you from the terminal to the plane. Plus, some private terminals have private lounges where you can relax without the chaos and interruptions in commercial terminals.

Save Time

You waste so much time when flying with a commercial airline. From checking in to customs, immigration, and boarding procedures, you can spend as much as three hours at the airport for a one-way trip.

Traveling via private jet significantly saves you time. You can check in 15 minutes before departure time and complete the other procedures in minutes.

Fly to an Airport Near the Stadium

You don’t have to fly to an airport far from the stadium. If you do, you’ll have to drive for miles or take another flight to a place near the stadium.

To land at an airport near the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center, charter a private jet. There are several airports in New York where you can land. You’ll not only avoid traffic but also spend more time attending the championships and checking out the New York city.

Closest Private Jet Airports to the Stadium

Private jets can use commercial and private airports. When traveling to Queens, New York for the US Open, these are the closest airports to the stadium.

Teterboro (TEB)

One of the busiest private jet airports in the US, Teterboro Airport, is primarily for private jets. It is located in New Jersey across the Hudson River from Manhattan, about 23 miles uptown from Queens.

La Guardia Airport (LGA)

Located only about 7 miles from Queens, the La Guardia Airport is the best option when flying to the US Open. Unlike Teterboro, private airline jets are allowed. However, this results in a large volume of airline flights which can cause ground delays.

Newark Liberty Airport (EWR)

At around 30 miles from Queens, you can drive to the US Open Championships grounds. Alternatively, you can take a bus, train, or taxi. The journey takes about 1 hour 30 minutes when driving.

Westchester County Airport (HPN)

Situated in White Plains, northern Westchester County, the airport provides easy access into New York City through routes such as the Hutchinson Parkway.

Although it’s the third busiest private jet airport, its traffic is relatively less than Teterboro. For this reason, it’s convenient and an excellent option for arrivals and departures.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

Whether you’re flying to New York from within the USA or another country, the JFK International Airport is a popular option for celebrities, tourists, and locals alike.

Conveniently located just a little distance from midtown Manhattan in Queens, it’s the go-to for many commercial airlines and private jets.

How Much Does It Cost to Fly To New York?

The cost of flights to New York on a private jet charter depends on where you’re coming from, the aircraft type, additional services such as catering, and whether you’re using a jet card or an on-demand charter.

Here are the estimated lowest prices of flying one-way from several major cities in the US. The price range is from light jets to ultra long jets, with other types of aircrafts in between.

  • Boston: $5,800 - $18,100

  • Miami: $13,150 - $35,250

  • San Francisco: $22,850 - $85,550

  • Los Angeles: $22,450 - $84,850

  • Washington DC: $6,350 - $19,400

  • Las Vegas: $23,850 - $85,900

  • Chicago: $14,850 - $35,000

  • Seattle: $34,650 - $89,450

Charter a Private Jet to the US Open

Arthur Ashe Stadium at night

The US Open is held annually in Queens, New York. You don’t have to go through the hours of procedures. Worse off, you might have to adjust your schedule to match that of the airline.

Instead of all that trouble, why not charter a private jet? Apart from taking mere minutes to complete the boarding procedures, you get to dictate your departure time according to your schedule. Plus, you’ll land at an airport near the stadium so you don’t spend more time driving there.

At Airacer, we provide charter flights that suit your travel needs. We have a variety of aircraft models to choose from and professional flight consultants ready to help you with cost-effective and personalized service.

Ready to charter a private jet to the US Open? Request a quote.


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