What is Air Taxi and How do I Book One?

When someone wants to take a flight between two locations that are near each other, air taxi is among the most efficient ways to travel. It involves short flights, usually on turboprops, helicopters or very light jets, and flyers can book them with very little hassle.

In addition, air taxi can often be booked in a matter of hours, making it a more flexible and more short-notice option than private jet charter, particularly when passengers are taking short flights.

What is Air Taxi?

What is the Experience of Using Air Taxi Like?

The experience of using an air taxi is typically fast and convenient. Because it’s a short-notice and on-demand method of traveling, it comes with few of the processes a flyer goes through when taking mid-length or long-haul flights.

Similarly, the experience also provides the efficiency and convenience one expects with a private jet, especially the timeliness, high service standards, and privacy.

And, for executives needing to conduct business on the way to their destination, air taxi options include planes with spaces and amenities for onboard working.

Air taxi passengers can also enjoy the experience of having friends or colleagues along with them, since they hail the entire aircraft.

The experience of using air taxi is also highly time-saving and stress-relieving for those who need to visit several locations within hours. They can book their air taxi for multiple flights on the same day, enabling easy and punctual movement from place to place. Unlike road travel, this protects against unpredictable factors such as traffic, which may throw off the entire schedule.

Adding even more to the convenience of air taxi, flyers can hail them at regional airports. These typically have no congestion since they don’t serve the general public in the same way as major airports. And that means air taxi passengers can experience faster and smoother service. Also, the passengers avoid unnecessary delays through having to check in and go through airport security.

Because of the factors above, the experience of flying air taxi is one marked with convenience, reliability, and comfort.

Experience of Using Air Taxi

Is Air Taxi Safe?

Air taxi is a highly safe method of travel. Aircraft that are used for air taxi undergo rigorous inspections at both at landing and departure to ensure that they meet stringent flying standards.

Frequent flights also mean that aircraft owners tend to have rigorous maintenance schedules. In addition, there are often more procedures and standards that the aircraft has to go through or meet before it can be given air taxi certification. In conclusion. safety is highly scrutinized both by internal personnel and external bodies.

On top of the inspections that aviation authorities carry out, air taxi operators tend to have their own additional standards as well. They assertively make sure that all requirements are being met for the safety and continued patronage of their customers.

How Much Does Air Taxi Cost?

Air taxi fares are determined by a range of factors. An example flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas on the Cirrus SR22 can help illustrate the cost.

The first charge is for the flight itself, which is the cost of the aircraft per hour, multiplied by the total time of the air taxi. In the example, that would be $700 per hour, multiplied by the 1.3 hours that the trip takes.

Ground time also factors into the cost. It’s the cost for the air taxi and turnaround time at each airport it visits, which in the example would be $700 per hour multiplied by 0.70 hours.

And two other charges are based on the cost of transporting the aircraft. The first is the delivery fee, which is for delivering the aircraft from its base airport to the departure airport—$700 per hour times 0.70 hours in the example.

The second is the origination fee, which is for returning the aircraft to its home base after dropping passengers off. In the example, it’s $700 per hour times 1.35 hours.

Airport surcharges also add to the cost, and these are paid to the airport for using it. They would be $30 in the example.

For round trips, the wait time is also taken into account, which is the time that the aircraft idles at the airport while waiting passengers. For example, it would be $75 per hour, multiplied by 2 hours.

In the example cited above, the cost of a one-way trip is $2,790, while a same day round trip would cost $3,283 (plus wait time), and a round trip would cost $5,580.

The air taxi cost for any other trip can be calculated by adding the same factors as they apply to it.

Cost to book air taxi

What is the Difference Between Private Jet Charter and Air Taxi?

Private jet charter tends to offer more expansive aircraft options, since it serves longer-range flights and accounts for more details about the journey. Air taxi, on the other hand, is for flyers who want to travel between relatively nearby places quickly, comfortably and conveniently.

Private jet charter, however, comes with more processes that passengers have to go through before they can complete their booking. Though these processes are less than those that commercial flyers go through, they don’t match the ease and swiftness of booking air taxi.

In addition, air taxi allows for more versatility. Flyers can take highly short notice flights, especially when they need to travel for emergencies or crisis management. Likewise, the flexibility also extends to visiting multiple locations, since air taxi passengers can book several same-day flights at once.

Besides that, private jet charter tends to come with greater luggage and payload capacity, given how its more focused on providing longer-haul flights.

In short, air taxi is better suited to on-demand, flexible and short-range flights. Private jet charter, on the other hand, has added amenities and performance to support longer-range options and more diverse flying experiences.

How to book air taxi?

How Do I Book One?

The easiest and quickest way to book an air taxi is to get in touch with a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy charter agency like Airacer and let us know about the trip you plan to take. After receiving the request, your will get an accurate and detailed quote for your trip.

You can do this through phone, email, or live chat on our website, or you can enter your trip info here and directly request an official quote after viewing a quick estimate of your flight.

Air taxi is a quick, comfortable, and time-saving way to move between relatively nearby destinations, and Airacer offers this service among its greater range.