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What Is Owner Approval in Private Jet Charter?

What Is Owner Approval in Private Jet Charter?

If you want to travel in style, now is the right time. Private jet charter is now more affordable and more accessible than ever, especially when you use the right agency to book your flights. As a result, more travelers are using private air travel and enjoying the benefits it offers.

With an increasing number of options to book private flights, you also won't be limited for choice. When booking a flight, though, you'll come across various terms that may be unfamiliar to you. One of these is owner approval.

In fact, in most instances, owner approval will be required. In other words, the aircraft owner will have to approve the use of the aircraft for their charter plans. Once approved, your flight will be confirmed.

This post will look at owner approval in more detail and explain how it works and what to do if it's refused.

What Is Owner Approval in Private Jet Charter?

At any time when you charter a private jet, the aircraft is probably owned by someone else. These are typically owners that don't always use their aircraft during the year. Hence, they entrust a charter operator or plane management company to charter out the plane if they don't use it.

Before your flight, the owner will then need to give approval for the flight. In practice, the charter operator will provide you with a quote for your flight. If you accept the quote, it's sent directly to the owner to approve or decline.

For this reason, when you charter a flight, the operator will ask you to select one or two preferred aircraft. They'll then check with the owners of the aircraft which are available. To make things easier, operators often have a schedule available that shows which aircraft are available or not.

How Often Is Owner Approval Necessary?

Generally speaking, owner approval is necessary for nearly 90% of all charter flights and you will get it most of the time. These are typically larger, newer, or more valuable aircraft.

Keep in mind, though, that this is not a general rule. For instance, there are larger and newer jets available that don't require owner approval, while some older and smaller jets do.

Owner Approval in Private Jet Charter

Can Owner Approval Be Refused?

In simple terms, because it's the owner's aircraft, they can refuse to give approval at any time.

Now, this could be for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • The owner wants to use the aircraft themselves for the dates when you want to travel.

  • Your planned trip is not profitable enough. In other words, your planned trip won't generate enough revenue for the owner to justify that you use it.

  • You're planning a trip to a high-risk destination, and the owner is not willing to take the risk.

  • Your trip has too many short flight legs. These short legs are simply not profitable for an owner. The ratio of landings to flight hours affects an aircraft's value, and more frequent landings also affect the aircraft's maintenance costs.

  • The owner has a minimum fee for the charter of the aircraft, and your proposed travel plans don't meet this requirement.

In addition to giving approval, the owner may also have several other requirements if you want to charter their aircraft. These can include anything from limiting the number of passengers to prohibiting certain foods and drinks on the flight.

What Happens if Owner Approval Is Refused?

As you can see, there may be instances where an owner won't give approval. It's unfortunate, but it happens. The question is what you should do when it does?

Your best option in this scenario would be to work with the charter operator to get the next best available option for your flight needs. They work with a variety of owners and when they get you another option, you can try to book that.

The simple fact is, because owner approval affects everyone, you should accept that it could happen.

Private Jet Charter

Final Thoughts

Owner approval is part of the charter process, and you'll need it more often than not. You should, therefore, always keep it in mind and know whether the aircraft you want to charter requires owner approval or not. If it does, it's essential that you know that it can be refused and what you can do if it is.

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