What Will Travel Look Like in 2021?

Analysts across the board agree that 2021 won’t be a typical year, certainly not for the travel industry.

The defining mark of 2020 was the pandemic, which, according to the World Tourism Organization, resulted in international tourist arrivals falling by 72% throughout the year.

For the aspiring traveler in 2021, the important question is what exactly they can expect from their trips. Based on the data and the latest trends, it’s possible to make some smart projections.

Socially Distanced Travel

Travelers are understandably seeking to visit places where they can take precautions to preserve their health. And that has come to mean destinations that are not densely packed and allow room for individuals and families to have a lot of space to themselves.

Small towns and remote travel destinations are gaining popularity in response to this demand.

That focus on socially distanced travel, observed in an in-depth study, is extending to travel options as well. Commercial flights, for example, are falling behind in meeting a need for greater privacy by travelers. As 2021 progresses, that need will only grow.

Socially Distanced Travel

Rise in Wilderness Travel

With 45% of the world’s population having been stuck indoors due to restrictions, people’s travel plans are beginning to reflect a desire for open spaces.

While the entire trip may not consist of open sky nights and time spent within nature, more and more travelers are factoring at least some aspect of the wilderness into their travels.

It’s likely that an increasing number of travelers will plan their trips around a mix of the usual destinations and some wilderness elements.

Rise in Wilderness Travel

Nomadic Tourism

Point to point tourism has always made up the bulk of travel. That’s likely to change in 2021.

Trends show that people are growing to like trips that span over multiple places. In some cases, that may be a few places that the traveler spends time in before arriving at their final destination, or the trip may be spread across different places without a single main destination.

A factor that is allowing this trend to flourish is the worldwide increase in remote working and teleconferencing, which is making it possible for people to conduct business or run their operations with no need to be onsite. People no longer feel rushed to complete their trips to avoid interference with their work.

On the whole, the travel landscape in 2021 will be filled with trips that have more diverse and wide-ranging itineraries than those from previous years.

Travelers taking advantage of this trend may not be comfortable with random crews for each leg of their trip. They may instead appreciate a close relationship with a private jet charter service, one they can depend on to make sure their multi-destination travels are well-coordinated through personalized service.

More Wellness Tourism

Wellness tourism had already been showing an upward trend, but there are multiple signs pointing to 2021 as the year that rise becomes more pronounced.

The Global Wellness Institute projects that the niche as a whole will be worth $US919 billion by 2022, making up 18% of the total tourism industry.

The founder of Health and Fitness, Paul Joseph, spoke to Forbes and gave his opinion, paraphrased, that personal health and wellbeing will be among the biggest drivers of tourism going forward.

Wellness Tourism

Greater Concern Over the Method of Travel

In the past, most people were concerned with finding the best deals for their flights, even if that meant sacrificing convenience. But, over the last few years, the trend has shifted to recognizing the flight as an essential part of the trip.

Surveys of travelers confirm this. As many as 67% report that, in hindsight, the quality of the flight had a bearing on how they felt about the entire trip.

For most travelers, affordability is still a factor but it’s competing with a realization of how the flight factors into the whole experience.

And that’s leading to more travelers looking into private jets, which offer them the kind of convenience and luxury that contributes to a more satisfying trip.

Private jet charter - quality flight


People want more power over their trips. They want to be able to plan them longer in advance, to make short-notice changes and to simply feel a greater sense of control. That coincides with a desire to derive richer experiences out of travel, a trend shown in a Think With Google study.

For many people, that involves having the ability to customize how they travel, which a lot of commercial airlines can’t offer with their made-for-scale packages. That makes this an area where private jets are offering services that are more in line with core customer desires.

Far-reaching Changes for Business Travel

Business travel made up as much as 75% of the passengers on some commercial flights, contributing to a significant share of the revenue.

But the priorities and preferences of business travelers have changed over the last few years. For the most part, people traveling for business reasons simply find private jets more convenient.

That’s been confirmed by the Global Business Travel Association, which, in a detailed report, cites safety as a top priority for many companies when their employees travel.

Private jets have been better capable of assuring passenger safety than commercial flights in recent months. Private charter flights from a company like Airacer — with high standards to maintain — come with extensive disinfection and sanitization after each flight.

When dealing with a commercial airline, it’s often a hit-or-miss affair. And companies don’t get the same level of personalized service and attention that they receive with private jet charter flights, which has swayed business owners in the last several months.

Business travel with private jet charter

Final Thoughts…

The trends that will shape travel in 2021 emerge partly from the pandemic and its consequences, but they’re also the result of travelers realizing what adds genuine value to their trips.

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