Why Do Private Jets Fly Higher Than Commercial Airlines?

Most people’s knowledge of the differences between flying commercial and private only accounts for the added comfort and convenience that comes with private jets. But there’s also a difference in the altitudes at which they fly, and that distinction has a further impact on the flying experience.

Commercial flights typically fly at an average altitude of 35,000 feet. Private jets, on the other hand, reach much greater heights, usually at 41,000 feet. Others even reach 45,000 feet.

Here’s why that difference exists.

Private Jet Flying Altitude

Reduced Air Traffic

Air traffic is high at the altitudes that are common for commercial flights. While air traffic control ensures that aircraft stay safely apart, that’s typically the zone at which there’s the greatest number of aircraft.

Higher, where private jets typically fly, there tends to be much less air traffic.

The advantage for private flyers is that they’re able to take direct routes to their destinations, since it’s less likely that they’ll have to alter their path to accommodate another aircraft. This results in shorter flight times and faster journeys.

Avoiding Weather

As a result of the lighter concentration of air traffic mentioned above, private jets have extensive leeway to modify their course so they can avoid unfavorable weather. If there’s a storm, a private jet is easily able to fly around it, giving passengers a smoother and more comfortable journey.

Commercial airlines are not able to do this with as much ease. The amount of air traffic at their altitude lessens the likelihood that they’ll be able to change course. When they need to, they typically do so in ways that adversely affect the flight time, lengthening the journeys of passengers.

Also, the air becomes thinner as height increases, so private jets flying at altitudes of 41,000 feet have lower chances of experiencing bad weather. This enables private jet passengers to enjoy smooth flights with minimal chance of turbulence.

Additionally, the thinner air also contributes to a faster flight.

The combination of reduced air traffic and the ability to avoid harsh weather allows private jet flyers to enjoy a heightened sense of safety and calm.

Quicker Ascension and Lighter Load

On average, private jets have a higher power to weight ratio than commercial airliners. Commercial aircraft typically carry more fuel and a heavier payload, which impedes the rate at which they ascend and reach cruising speed.

Private jets, with their combination of less fuel, a lighter payload and greater power to weight ratio, are able to ascend faster and reach their cruising speed quicker. Commercial aircraft would need to burn some of the fuel they’re carrying before they can achieve the same performance.

Charter A Private Jet with Airacer

Charter A Private Jet with Airacer

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