Why is private jet charter safer than commercial airlines?

Most people think that the benefits of flying private are simply limited to comfort, privacy, luxury, and convenience, which — to be sure — are lovely to have when you’re going on a trip. But there’s one major benefit that most people miss — the added safety!

While some flyers wrongly think that commercial flights are safer, the facts show that private jet charter flights provide greater security to passengers, and the peace of mind that comes with it.

That’s because of the more stringent processes that private jet charter flights go through to make sure they please clients, and the much more rigorous checks they enforce. Along with those from governing bodies that they have to comply with.

While the aviation industry as a whole is very safe, here’s a detailed look at some of what makes private jet charter flights more so.

Safety of private jet charter

Tight Regulations

Before a private jet can take off, it has to satisfy some very demanding conditions.

If it’s operating in the United States and parts of Europe, it’s audited for safety by ARGUS and Wyvern. The specific checks carried out by these bodies ensure that the jet is in fine condition, and operators go out of their way to make sure they pass each time.

Beyond that, private jet charter flights require certain certifications that take a great deal of competence to earn. Operators have to prove themselves to a very high standard before they can receive them.One of these is the Air Operator Certificate, which is also called the Air Carrier Operating Certificate in the U.S.

Though the exact criteria that governing bodies use to award it to operators vary from country to country, the same high standards are maintained throughout.

And to earn these certifications, operators have to prove themselves across a number of metrics. To begin with, their company safety policy is vetted line by line to make sure it adheres to very high standards.

Then management and organizational competence are reviewed, going back years, to make sure that operator is staffed with leadership that is fit to provide high safety standards to flyers.

Following that, the certifying boards check the crew training record — to make sure each member of the crew has the necessary high levels of skill, and that they’re up to date on the newest best practices in the aviation industry.

Further Evaluation

Yet more checks are performed on the aircraft itself, after the certifying officials are satisfied that their high compliance standards have been met by the staff and management.

This includes looking into aircraft maintenance, making sure that the jet is thoroughly checked for a spotless performance sheet after each flight. They also pay critical attention to various procedures, with rigorous checks performed each time before take-off.

These include making sure that the strictest and safest standards have been followed with regard to aircraft loading, flight planning, and fuel planning. Every detail is accounted for to ensure passenger safety.

Agencies themselves perform their own evaluations. Because they want to stand out in a high-competition industry, they make sure to only affiliate themselves with reputable and trustworthy partners.

They do this by tracking safety records and other measures of competence. If a partner falls below these standards, they simply cut ties with them to preserve the safety and convenience of their clients.

Co-passenger Checks

A passenger on a private jet charter flight has many more reasons to feel safe and secure than one on a commercial flight.

For starters, everyone who gets onto the charter flight has been thoroughly looked into. That’s not so with commercial flights, which require basic identification before selling passengers a ticket, with no knowledge of the intentions of their trip or any other details about them.

For a private jet charter flight, joining passengers — mostly friends and family — are known beforehand. If there’s someone coming along whom the main passenger may be meeting for the first time, they are asked questions to make sure of their intentions and their background, and to qualify them as posing zero potential risk.

At the very least, there’s a verbal conversation to make certain of all those details.

Commercial flights — concerned with price transfers, fast turnarounds and travel times — enforce no such measures. Passengers only realize who they’re flying with after boarding, and even then, they have no clear idea of who they’re sharing the aircraft with.

Flight Crew Familiarity

Anyone boarding a commercial flight has no knowledge of who the pilots are until it comes time to actually board the flight. For many, this creates uncertainty and it reduces their feeling of certainty in their safety.

A private jet charter flyer, however, can be familiar with the entire crew long before the flight. They’ll be able to know the crew’s qualifications and other important details that determine the quality of the journey.

Even before then, the crew is carefully vetted and hand-picked by professionals who make their clients’ safety the utmost priority.

Flight Crew Familiarity of Private Jet Charter


Private jet charter flights are also safer because of the height at which they fly. With some of them going as high as 51,000 feet, they are safely above their weather, where they’re more protected against turbulence and storms.

However, if there’s drastic weather or a landing is needed for any purpose, private jet charter flights have many more options than commercial flights. They’re able to land at more airports worldwide, often at very short notice, while the same process is much more difficult for a commercial crew to achieve.

Heavier Disinfecting

While commercial airlines have their own systems for making sure that their aircraft are safe for incoming passengers, their measures tend to be far less robust than those of charter flights.

Private jets are given a full disinfection upon landing, following high-grade health standards to make sure they’re entirely safe for the passenger coming next.

Private jet charter flights offer a lot of benefits, and while many of them are quality of life advantages, others are central to a good, secure flying experience. The factors laid out above show exactly why private jet charter flights tend to be safer, and the effective measures taken to keep them that way.

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