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7 Reasons to Choose a Private Jet Charter for Family Trip

7 Reasons to Choose a Private Jet Charter for Your Family Trip

It’s time we embraced that private jets are for vacations as much as they are for business purposes.

Many people are accustomed to thinking that the actual fun part of the travel begins only after you land. And it’s easy to see why. The mundane long-drawn routine of a commercial flight can indeed bring your spirits down before you even set foot on the plane.

Of course, private flying is relatively expensive. But while you’re considering the cost of a private jet charter, it’s important to realize just how many amenities and priceless benefits come with it.

Here are 7 reasons why you should choose a private jet charter for your next family trip.

1. Easy Boarding and Luggage Transport

You can now avoid the long queues at security checkpoints and actually relax. Let’s face it. Arriving early, keeping your documents together, worrying about your luggage — these tasks are stressful enough when you’re alone. With your family accompanying you, this process would drain your energy before you even board.

When you book a private jet charter, the onboarding is far more efficient and hassle-free. You can arrive at your leisure and know that you won’t miss your flight in case of some unexpected delay.

Private aviation provides you a lounge where the flight crew welcomes and escorts you to the aircraft. This way, your luggage will be transported much quicker. And oftentimes, the aircraft is parked at a more convenient location, which helps your journey get off to a smoother start.

2. Fly Closer To Your Destination with a Private Jet Charter

Avoid unnecessarily lengthy trips and fly as close to your final destination as possible. If you’re traveling to an exotic place tucked away from a major airport, you may have to drive a few extra hours to get there. Not to mention that you’ll be lugging along your suitcases and will probably be exhausted by the time you arrive.

When you book a private jet charter, you get to land at the airport that is closest to your destination. That means no more tedious layovers and long waiting hours between flights.

3. Enjoy Quality Time with Your Family

Traveling on a private jet charter will give you plenty of space and privacy that is unmatched by any commercial flight. You don’t have to fret over being seated together anymore. You can unwind with your family in a flexible intimate setting on a luxury private jet.

On a family vacation, you don’t want to save all the thrills for after you land. Chartering a private jet offers you the freedom to make splendid memories without holding back. Whether it’s an exciting conversation, a quick nap, or children’s playtime, you can cherish it more this way.

Enjoy Quality Time with Your Family on Private Jet

4. Make the Best of Customized Catering

You can help yourself to the finest customized foods you crave on a private jet charter. You don’t have to settle for the limited options supplied in commercial flights, especially when your family members have allergies or specific requirements.

A private jet charter allows you to specify your dietary needs to the point where it can be personalized for each member of your family. Flying across the world doesn't have to stop you from exploring culinary delights prepared by gourmet chefs who will considerably enhance your flying experience.

5. The Onboard Entertainment Is Excellent

The recreation facilities provided on a private jet charter will ensure that there’s never a dull moment during your journey. You can watch movies to your heart’s content on the TV screens. You can access WiFi and play games or browse social media.

If your kids need a break from electronics like iPads and DVD players, they will have plenty of space to play, unlike on commercial flights. This is one flight during which you don’t have to worry about your children getting bored or cranky. Just make sure to plan your entertainment in advance and request your private jet charter company for these arrangements.

6. A Private Jet Charter Is Safer Than a Commercial Flight

In 2021, private jets are safer in terms of structural integrity and passengers’ health. Private charter aircraft are held to higher safety standards than commercial planes. There is a great emphasis on safety procedures and compliance testing in the case of private planes.

Private jet charters are authorized to land at more airports than commercial flights. This allows the pilots to deal with emergencies deftly, giving them the freedom to change plans as required. Also, some private aircraft can fly above the weather, making it even safer.

Apart from these safety measures, an even more compelling reason for the public to choose private flying is the Covid-19 pandemic. If you choose the routine commercial flight journey, you take the risk of being exposed to the deadly virus at not one, but multiple checkpoints.

But when you charter a private jet, you move faster and come in contact with lesser people overall. Social distancing is definitely not something you want to panic about in a crowded flight, especially when you’re traveling with your family.

7. You Get Maximum Luxury, Comfort, and Convenience

When you opt for a private jet charter, you have as much control over your own flying experience as possible. You can finally bring your beloved pet on your holiday. The elders in your family will have the utmost comfort arranged for them. Your children won’t be irritable or restless. In case a family member is pregnant or ill, they would need levels of personalized care that you can’t expect in a commercial flight.

But even in normal situations and even if your family is relatively smaller, private flying has undeniable perks. You get to decide your cuisine, your entertainment, and your seating. From something as simple as stretching your legs to excellent VIP treatment, your family will get all the luxury you desire while you fly.

Airacer Private Jet Charter

And here’s where you need a private aviation company that you can trust to provide you the safest, most affordable flights.

Airacer is your one-stop platform for private jet charter services worldwide. When you choose Airacer, you choose pilots who have extensive experience and aircraft that meet high safety regulations. Still on the fence? Again, we would love to help you forego the long waits before you begin to enjoy your travel. You can get an instant private jet charter quote today.

We look forward to helping you find and customize the ideal jet for your travel. Reach out to us and elevate your next family trip so you can fly in style.


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